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ABOUT rebecca orlov lifestyle // my new creative space (formerly loving. living. small.) for sharing inspiration for home design, baby style (from a first time mom), design inspirations, dining goodness and wanderlust. Thank you for joining me.

ABOUT loving. living. small. // a home design blog dedicated to small space living and making your house a home. Showcasing small space tips, solutions, ideas and more, loving. living. small. is the place get inspired to make your house a home and to live small with style. InStyle Magazine’s pick for Best of Web 2010, loving. living. small. features original content and design series such as a small chat (an interview series featuring taste makers), small space diy (over 100 design ideas to create in your own small space), small space dwellers (small space ideas found in real people’s spaces), using your walls (tips for going vertical in your small space), loving eating small (finding small space ideas while you dine out) and many more.

ABOUT rebecca // I am a marketer, integrated producer and design writer with over 16 years of experience in advertising and marketing. I’ve project managed hundreds of broadcast, content and digital campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies and I currently work with small business owners on their marketing goals and integrated strategy. I write my 5+ year old lifestyle blog, rebecca orlov (formerly loving. living. small.) dedicated to living one’s best self in spaces under 1200 square feet. I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to many design sites, including Flor, Washingtonian, Apartment Therapy, Renest, HGTV, Houzz, eBay, Flor, Rue, Adore Home and more. I founded Blog Out Loud (09 – 11), an offline event series that featured lifestyle bloggers + digital specialists sharing their social media knowledge and Sweetline, a social media consulting company for lifestyle brands. In June 2012, I founded the DC chapter of global creative network, SheSays.  I’ve enjoyed living in New York, Los Angeles and I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV.

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