Posted on: September 30th, 2014 by rebecca

As a new mom to an almost (crawling everywhere now) 9 month old daughter, I certainly have learned a thing or two about what items are most useful. With out a doubt – a good blanket is on the top of the list. I have a bunch and keep them everywhere – in her nursery, my diaper bag, my car. I use them all the time. They are perfect to cuddle Sophia, use as a blanket, a sun cover, all that good stuff.

There are a lot to choose from so let me help you – Mini Boden makes great blankets. (Along with their entire line for baby and adult) I was recently gifted their Baby Gifting set, which included 2 blankets. I have to say – I really was so impressed with the package. It absolutely put a smile on my face. And this is why…


boden1 boden2 boden4 boden3 boden7 boden6 boden8

(Baby Soph, sitting on her new Mini Boden blanket – enjoying the cooler weather at the park)

Aside from the lovely wraps, Mini Boden’s Baby Gifting set came with tons of lil goodies that made me smile. A cute notepad, stickers, a bunting flag to  hang on your wall, playing cards and more. The package arrived in the cutest polka dot box (Yes, we know I have a thing for polka dots and strips) and I was thrilled to open it up and peek inside.

If you haven’t had a chance, definitely check out Mini Boden. They really offer fantastic quality clothes, accessories, shoes and more that are stylish, cool and inspirational. And now through October 4th, you can get 15% off your purchase. Oh la la! Click here for more details. And connect with Mini Boden right here / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram  / Pinterest


(All images by Rebecca / Mini Boden gifted loving. living. small. one of their new Baby Gifting sets. All opinions are my own)


Sweetline Collective * Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Posted on: September 17th, 2014 by rebecca


As a reader of loving. living. small, you know that I love covering lifestyle and design. I’ve enjoyed doing this for almost 7 years now. This has always been a side project, a labor of love, an outlet to be creative and I have loved sharing my inspiration and style with you. Aside from sharing posts with you, I wanted to take a moment to share my marketing consulting company with you – Sweetline Collective.

Through Sweetline Collective, I work with and guide passionate small and medium sized businesses on their brand presence, message and engagement. Our goal is to create integrated brand road maps for companies so they can create incredible experiences for their clients and customers. We offer custom consulting as well as live workshops so small business owners can build their brand toolkit, learn how to use it to connect with and engage their growing communities.

My company is based in Downtown Las Vegas. We enjoy working with the creative and thriving local companies here as well as brands and businesses across the country. We also are happily working out of and supporting Work In Progress, a co-working space that is part of the Downtown Project.

I invite you to check out Sweetline Collective to learn more about what we can do for small businesses. And if you have any needs from someone like me, I’d love to hear from you.

SAY HELLO. hello@sweetlinecollective.com

VISIT. sweetlinecollective.com

TWITTER. @sweetlineco

FACEBOOK. sweetlinecollective

INSTAGRAM. sweetlinecollective


Sweetline Collective


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Do you believe in internet kismet? Ya know, that thing where you just naturally land on someone’s instagram, blog or site and squeal with excitement because it’s “just what you were looking for” but you found it without Google’s help.

I have this experience this morning and I had to share it with you. I discovered the amazing instagram account @IHAVETHISTHINGWITHFLOORS. I personally am a big lover of looking up and looking down. And I love a good #fromwhereIstand shot myself. You will almost always find incredible design and inspiration, including beautiful skies or manicured lawns. Either way, there’s something to enjoy always. What I love most about her IG feed is the color and pattern and, of course, the fun! The photos just make me smile and feel good – that’s what it’s about.

floors1 floors2 floors3

 Aren’t these just awesome photos? There are over 200 so far in her IG feed – definitely go check it out. Any instagram feeds that you love? I’d love to hear about them.



Follow These 5: Mamas

Posted on: August 24th, 2014 by rebecca

As a new Mama myself, I have gone down the Mama rabbit hole. And…I love it. To be honest, there’s just more inspiration to enjoy. From new websites, new magazines, new bloggers, new pinboards – just new ideas. From all of this new visual eye candy, I was inspired to round up my latest and favorite Mamas on pinterest in a new series – FOLLOW THESE 5.


michelled dupis 1


I don’t know how it took me this long to discover Michelle’s world on Pinterest and I am so glad I finally did. She covers lifestyle to a T – food, travel, baby, home, fashion – it’s all in there and often color or holiday coded. Yes!
She has a great eye and cool vibe.

My fave board…
(no, not a baby board but breakfast treats – yum!)


artful parent


With over 13,000 pins of creative ideas, Jean’s pinterest page is definitely one to follow. Whether you are a parent or not. I love the message of her site, “Simple ways to fill your family’s life with art & creativity” and can’t wait to try some of her ideas for baby Soph and for myself.

My fave board…




Zina’s pinterest page is full of real (as in, yes, you can actually do these things) ideas for the modern parent. And since she has almost 20,000 pins, you will be sure to find anything and everything Mama related. Get in there!

My fave board…




I have always loved Erin’s taste and she’s just an awesome person (one of the first few bloggers I got to know back in 2008) Her pinboards are always updated with artistic, cool and inspiring imagery and ideas.
She just finds really cool stuff and shares it – who wouldn’t love that?

My fave board…


catherine mccord


I discovered Catherine’s food fab site a few months ago and I wasn’t surprised to see how awesome her pinboards were as well. She loves to share food style for lil ones. Since my daughter is now eating solids, I have been enjoying reading and learning about introducing baby to food, textures and tastes. Plus she creates the cutest plates. Love! Honestly, I am grateful for Mama’s like Catherine who just share, share, share. It’s not easy navigating parenthood and she makes it easier.

My fave board…



(Images are from each pinboard – go check them out and have fun!)


Posted on: August 20th, 2014 by rebecca

Have you noticed that weaving, macrame, knitting & hand-sewn pieces are popping up in homes and retail shops? And a lot of people are sharing how to create these pretty wall hangings yourself. From DesignLoveFest’s workshops to A Beautiful Mess’s awesome DIY to Poppytalk’s roundup of 10 weaving projects, the craft of utilizing yarn to create pretty pieces is back. And I love it!

When I read about artist Lucy Sparrow’s art installation of filling an entire shop with hand-sewn felt goods, I had to see it to believe and she delivered in spades. Lucy recreated the neighborhood corner store and every thing (every single item) was knit or sewn by hand. From the shelves of beer to the cash register to the local paper, Lucy and her team worked their crafty magic. So why did she want to create this exhibit? Lucy shares that it’s “slice of life and that apart from being fun – the exhibition encourages people to take a closer look at the everyday”

cornershop1 cornershop2 cornershop3

Head over to Sew Your Soul to learn more about Lucy and her work. You can also buy her products if you can’t make it to the London exhibit in person.

(Images via This Is Colossal)