DINE: A French Bakery Meets Good Design in Los Altos, CA

Posted on: July 17th, 2014 by rebecca

One of my favorite suburban towns is Los Altos, CA. Fortunately for me, I get to visit often because my brother and his family live there. Their downtown village is perfectly quaint, full of local shops, dining and retail. Recently, a new (and unique) bakery opened that certainly will allow Los Altos to take it up a design notch. The french bakery – Voyaguer du Temps – is beautifully and thoughtfully designed. The dark/white/wood palette is paired with an entire wall of glass to allow guests to view the bakers at work. A fireplace, outdoor patio, bar and table seating and a lovely selection of sweet and savory treats finish the design deal. Add in great coffee and you have an afternoon date ready and waiting.

voyagur de temps 1 voyagur de temps 2 voyagur de temps 3 voyagur de temps 4 voyagur de temps 5 IMG_7869

(Images by Rebecca Orlov)

DESIGN INSPIRATION: A Chic Office Design Goes The Distance

Posted on: July 16th, 2014 by rebecca

Working in advertising and marketing for years, I’ve seen some pretty creative spaces but this office’s mix of sophistication and urban chic had me at hello. Grow Marketing in SF has completely upped the office design anty with their thoughtful, chic yet accessible style. From chandeliers to pretty office chairs to the exposed brick walls, their space expresses a level of feminine comfort and quality. Another element introduced is the the neutral palette. Paired with the brick walls, the calm palette completely works.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.15.15 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.15.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.15.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.15.42 PM fab office 1

So how do you achieve this in your own home? Stick with a neutral palette and layer in color and pattern in pieces – like chairs, or curtains. Any color will work with neutrals so go for it and have fun!

Image credit PopSugar

BABY 101: The Top 10 Items a New Mom (REALLY) Needs in the First 6 Months

Posted on: July 14th, 2014 by rebecca

Untitled-2 As a brand new Mama to a six month old girl, I have certainly had my share of tried and true products to this point. Advice, opinions and suggestions from everyone aside, I feel like at this half-year stage, I actually know what new moms need and WHY – for real. Ask me this question six months ago and a blank stare and nervous laugh is what you may have received. But after getting to know my lil girl and getting to know how to take care of her, I believe there are a few items that are most useful for you and for baby. Here’s my top 10 list of items that are most useful (and why) for new moms with newborns.


WHAT: Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘N Play

WHY : I have the pretty Babyletto crib but I wasn’t quite ready to have Sophia sleep in it when she was such a brand new baby. Instead of a bassinette or co-sleeper, I opted for this little rocker and I cannot tell you how important this piece was (is still) for me, us, my family. Sophia slept peacefully in this from day 1. I like that she can lay on an incline (although Soph didn’t have reflux, it’s great for babies that do), that it has a vibrate button and that it folded up for storage when it wasn’t in use. Great space saver. It’s so light that we could easily move this to any room we were in, even had her with us in the kitchen while we were eating.

WHAT: Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets

WHY: There’s a reason why her line was picked up by Target. These muslin swaddle blankets with the sweetest prints and patterns are not only so very soft but the perfect wrap for baby but the perfect cover for your car seat. They typically come in a pack of 4 and you will use them all. At 44 inches, they are a fantastic size – I’ve been known to cuddle in one myself. Just sayin….

WHAT: Boon Drying Lawn

WHY: Boon is one of my fave product lines – not just because of their look and style (which I personally love) but because they are really thoughtful products. The Drying Lawn makes any counter top look good even when it’s full of bottles and nipples. Don’t forget to get the flower or tree to house your pacifiers.

WHAT: Gerber Cloth Diapers

WHY: Nope, not for your baby’s bum but for your baby’s mouth – burp cloths. You probably won’t get these at your baby shower but all new Moms need these. I have 2 packs of these goodies (20 total) and I use them as burp cloths ALL the time. I think I would pick this as my #1 product ALL NEW MOMS MUST HAVE (Yes, I wrote that in caps because they are they awesome and useful) I have them in different rooms, my diaper bag, by the changing table – they are everywhere. The perfect burp cloth for baby – go get them now.

WHAT: Tiny Love Take-A-Long Mobile and Bright Stars Safari Musical Soother

WHY: We traveled with Sophia when she was 4 months old – a 9 hour road trip to Northern California. We brought the Rock ‘N Play and our Pac ‘N Play crib but our Babyletto crib with it’s mobile stayed home. To accommodate our nighttime routine of bath, bottle and relaxing music, I googled “portable mobiles” and bought the Tiny Love mobile right away. And you know what, 2 months later I am still using it. It easily locks on to any surface (even the Rock ‘N Play) and plays pretty music for 30 minutes. That alone is worth the money. The other musical mobile is one that can be attached to the side of your baby’s crib. I got the Bright Stars mobile and love it – so does Soph. It plays music and has lights for 20+ minutes and ultimately gets quieter and turns off on it’s own. Perfect for keeping baby happy in her crib.

WHAT: Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer

WHY: I didn’t get this until Sophia was 8 weeks and I have no idea why no one FORCED me to. The bouncer was the best way to have Soph be in a safe and fun place so Mommy (me) could go do something – wash bottles, quick bathroom break, make a coffee – something. At 6 months old, we just retired this product but it was one of the most useful day to day items. Get one – your bladder and sanity will thank you.

WHAT: Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine and HoMedics Soundspa On The Go

WHY:  I got these both as gifts and love them. Every parent needs them for their babes. Most babies love to sleep to white noise and the Graco SweetSlumber just has the right stuff. Also you can plug in your ipod with your own musical soundtrack for baby.  The SoundSpa is such a great portable sound machine (and only $10!). I brought it with me in my diaper bag but I used it in my house when Sophia was first born and she would nap in her rocker near me. Perfect!

WHAT: Trumpette Socks

WHY: So, yes, there are a lot of apparel options that could be in the Top 10 but this is why I chose these sweet socks….because they STAY ON! You’ll see, new Moms, you’ll get cute socks. A lot of them. But many of them fall right off – even newborns. The Trumpette socks are avail for both boys and girls and have an awesome grip – they will stay on baby’s feet. Trust me, you’ll be busy dealing with other stuff (hi, spit up) than having to deal with putting baby’s socks back on.

WHAT: O’Ball, Baby Einstein Take-A-Long Tunes, Soft Book

WHY: Toys, baby, toys. You’ll get a lot and some will be loud, annoying and basically you’ll wonder why, how, when, for how long will you have to deal with – you get my drift. While Sophia has a little box of goodies she plays with every day, there are a few toys that I think she enjoys the most and I think are most useful in the first 6 months.

  • O’Ball – part rattle, part round ball and all perfect for baby to learn how to grasp onto an object.
  • Baby Einstein Take-A-Long Tunes – at first, this is just a toy w lights and music and baby will be into it. Then, a few months later, baby is holding, grasping and changing the music herself. love this!
  • Soft books – I have 2 now and Sophia loves both. I keep one in her crib always. She loves the crinkle sound and the ability to grasp it.


WHAT: Humidifier

WHY: It’s definitely not the cutest product but it’s super useful – get one. No matter what environment you live in, a humidifier will just help keep the air comfortable for baby (and for you) overnight. And don’t worry about getting a cutesy baby-looking one to compliment your decor – they don’t work well (Plastic frog humidifier? No. I started with the Crane teardrop style and wasn’t impressed.) Now I have a good ‘ole Vick’s humidifier and it’s fantastic.


WHAT: The Wonder Weeks Mobile App

WHY: My girlfriend’s son is 9 months older than Sophia and she turned me onto to this app. All I can say is -  download this now. The Wonder Weeks app tells you about the 10 different developmental phases (or Leaps) that all babies go through within the first 80+ weeks of their lives. You enter when your baby was/is due and the app will highlight when baby will be going through each Leap, what is happening, what they are learning as well as behavior that most likely will accompany each Leap. Forget the “baby in the first year” books and get this app. It’s the best $2 you’ll spend.

DREAM HOUSE FILE: Carrie Bradshaw’s Real Life Apt? I Say, Yes.

Posted on: July 14th, 2014 by rebecca

For any of SATC fans that still wish there was a 30  minute dose of style inspiration shown on HBO every week, this is for you. Set designer, Ondine Karady’s, real NYC abode. Ondine designed many of SATC’s favorite dwellings, including Carrie’s UES apartment and Aleksandr Pertrofsky’s rich and masculine downtown loft. And now Elle Decor is sharing a peek into her actual home and it definitely looks strikingly inspired by her own work on set. What do you think of Ondine’s space? Carrie approved?

Carrie Bradshaw Elle 1 Carrie Bradshaw Elle 2 Carrie Bradshaw Elle 3

{Image credits Elle Decor USA}


Posted on: February 17th, 2014 by rebecca


Hello, design lovers! I hope 2014 is off to an incredible and bright start. I certainly have had an exciting year so far – I  welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world in January. I have been absolutely soaking up every wonderful (albeit tiring) second. Of course along with a new baby comes new baby stuff – and lots of it.  My fave part so far has been checking out baby clothes. I can’t get over how amazing baby style has become and the thought and design sense that has gone into the clothes.

I was recently turned onto an awesome online shopping destination called Boden and pretty much want to buy up the whole place. Headquartered in the UK, there are tons of fab options for babes of different ages (launched in 2007) as well as full collections for women, men, boys and girls. I especially love their party dresses, like this Big Bow party dress, complete with stripes (my fave!) And I took a peek into the Womens section and fell in love with their boots. I am super into prints this Spring and these leopard Boho boots are what I’ll be rocking. Also I love when companies are thoughtful about their packaging and Boden totally comes through with pretty wrapping and goodies, like this sweet pencil set – yay!

boden 1 boden 2 boden 3 boden 4 boden 5

And YOU can get in the Boden awesomeness in a few ways…

*For mini goodies, buy 3 items and get a 4th one for just $1 plus FREE shipping with code U235.

*For adult items, get 15% off plus FREE shipping with code U229.

Boden also just launched their partnership with US-based nonprofit – No Kid Hungry. Their 1st initiative is an interactive, personalized mini Boden catalog cover campaign. Just visit www.bodenbyyou.com and design your own catalog cover featuring a mini Boden island, lots of color, prints, and characters. Catalogs will be mailed out in May featuring these designs. For every cover designed, Boden will donate $1 to No Kid Hungry. Sounds good? YES!

boden by you

Click on the image above to design your own Mini Boden cover

Click here to check out BODEN USA


Click here to enjoy BODEN USA’S OUTFIT MAKER (love this!)