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Have you noticed that weaving, macrame, knitting & hand-sewn pieces are popping up in homes and retail shops? And a lot of people are sharing how to create these pretty wall hangings yourself. From DesignLoveFest’s workshops to A Beautiful Mess’s awesome DIY to Poppytalk’s roundup of 10 weaving projects, the craft of utilizing yarn to create pretty pieces is back. And I love it!

When I read about artist Lucy Sparrow’s art installation of filling an entire shop with hand-sewn felt goods, I had to see it to believe and she delivered in spades. Lucy recreated the neighborhood corner store and every thing (every single item) was knit or sewn by hand. From the shelves of beer to the cash register to the local paper, Lucy and her team worked their crafty magic. So why did she want to create this exhibit? Lucy shares that it’s “slice of life and that apart from being fun – the exhibition encourages people to take a closer look at the everyday”

cornershop1 cornershop2 cornershop3

Head over to Sew Your Soul to learn more about Lucy and her work. You can also buy her products if you can’t make it to the London exhibit in person.

(Images via This Is Colossal)


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How could I not share the perfectly names TINY’S with you? Aside from the small space moniker, Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs is dining spot in Tribeca, NY. (Just a few blocks from my old stomping ground and inspiration for this blog in Soho). Tiny’s happens to live in one of the oldest buildings in town – dated back to 1810. Given a pink facelift and lots of TLC, the restaurant has quickly become a cool go-to destination for those in the know. Another cool note – the 3rd floor has been rounded up in the “Secret dining spots” of NY. Be on the lookout for their 3rd floor – only accessible by a secret door.

tinys tinys3

(Image one by Jamie Beck/Ann Street Studio, Image two Suann Song)

Downtown Las Vegas: Floral Love @ Bud and Vine

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As a new resident to Vegas, it’s been cool to discover creative and interesting businesses throughout the city.  Let me tell you, design lovers, there is a lot happening OUTSIDE of the Strip. A lot. I am starting a new series that is covering lifesty, design and passionate small businesses in Las Vegas because things are happening here and it’s fantastic to see. Especially as I have relaunched my small business consulting company, Sweetline Collective.

One of the most exciting and “one to watch” areas is Downtown Las Vegas. Zappos leader, Tony Hsieh, has been investing heavily in this part of Sin City with the goal of turning this once seedy space into a destination full of dynamic and thoughtful small businesses in a variety of verticals – tech, food, lifestyle, etc. The idea – the Downtown Project. The goal – to create the most community focused largest city in the world. And I, personally, love it.

I’ll be sharing many of the happenings in this part of Las Vegas because it IS happening. I grew up in a Maryland suburb but was exposed to DC and a metropolitan city at an early age. I immediately loved the energy and craved it. I lived in Los Angeles and New York for the last 18+ years (with a detour in Tucson for college) and was part of those cities. I weaved in and out of the different neighborhoods, visiting friends in all parts of the cities, and engaging in the creative vibe. And it’s happening here. To me, Downtown Las Vegas has an X factor that is making waves and about to come big. It’s on it’s way and it’s cool to see it happen.

One of the first places I want to share is Bud and Vine, a community floral shop with a cool exposed interior housing sweet objects and curiosities for the home. And, of course, the flowers. Owners, Christina & John, created a special home for floral love, including custom and arranged bouquets, local delivery and floral classes – yes! Being part of the Downtown reimagining is also exciting. They are in a fantastic location (right near O Face Doughnuts and Carson Kitchen) and everyone should go visit them for a sweet and happy experience. Who doesn’t love that?


bud1a bud2 bud1 bud6 bud9 bud3 bud8 bud7 flowers

Bud and Vine
124 S 6th St, Ste 170
Las Vegas, NV89101

(All images except the final one by Rebecca Orlov)

BABY STYLE: Top Designers, Sissy + Marley, Elevate Nursery Style

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For anyone that doesn’t do neutrals in their home, I think these photos may sway you. Big time. Design team, Sissy + Marley, have completely elevated the neutral design palette. And they do this for babies.

Their design interpretation of nursery style is so gorgeous, sophisticated, ethereal and cool, I personally would live in any of these rooms. They have so many design skills but layering is one that really shines. They truly know how to add items to a space without it feeling cluttered. Instead, it feels like a story is being told through design.

This skill can be achieved by taking a step back, editing and placing items in groups by size and/or color. Check out some of their work – I love it all.

Sebastian Sara sissyandmarley3 Interios

Aren’t these images fantastic? I love the second to last one with the striped ceiling – perfect. Aside from their design eyes, they also have their own wallpaper line – I love it all. Check out a few of their nursery projects and see their full portfolio right here.

Images via Sissy + Marley’s Pinterest page



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