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DESIGN - gold-dipped decor

As a lover of gold-dipped style, these agate pieces certainly top my list. Part elegant, part jewel and all pretty, agate is a wonderful design addition to your home in all your rooms too. Classified as a volcanic rock, the natural lines and textured style is unique to every piece. Polished and cleaned, agate has become a very popular accessory in both home and fashion.

Below, check out five ways to enjoy agate. I personally love the large platter – perfect for housing a collection of accessories like frames or your jewelry. And you can mix your gold & agate jewels with simple bangles that you have in your collection.

How do you feel about agate?

DESIGN - gold-dipped agate DESIGN - gold-dipped agate


product roundup - agate

You can find these pieces right here >>

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I really don’t know when my love of white rooms began but it’s definitely my go-to style. Soft, elegant and a perfectly neutral palette, white rooms completely shine. Aside from being bright and comfortable, white rooms are awesome foundations for framed walls (one of the best small space ideas). Whether you are adding frames as you go, creating a symmetrical vibe, leaning your frames or mixing and matching the frame color, your white room will be better for it. I rounded up 5 inspiring white rooms with special framed walls that will help you get a jump start on your own version.


framewall2 framewall1 framewall3 framewall4 framewall5

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BABY * Dreamland Baby Inspiration

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baby---dreamland-baby-inspirationWith 8 weeks left until my due date, I certainly have baby on my mind. (perhaps it’s my ever growing belly, back pain or my insanely frequent trips to the bathroom) As I am preparing for her arrival with a list of goodies for her first year, I am also loving the baby inspiration that is out there. Case in point – the dreamlike photographs by Queenie Lo. My friend and new mom turned me on to these wonderful, fun and simply lovely photos of Queenie’s lil babe in various dreamscapes that any design lover can appreciate. What do you think of these beautiful photos?

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(Image credit via Bored Panda / Queenie Lo)

WANDERLUST * Chianti, Italy

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I love the word *wanderlust*. To me, it means adventure, excitement, dreamscapes and change. Don’t we all want some of that goodness in our daily lives? Since most of us can’t globetrott daily, it’s fun to virtually enjoy far off places and dreamy destinations. Sometimes, though, we get to actually be and live in these gorgeous places.

Two summers ago, I embarked on a 3 week adventure to visit a dear friend in Sweden and then to Italy, where I met up with my mom. We had an amazing mother-daughter adventure, wandering Italian cities, eating amazing food and, of course, drinking Italian vino. One of my favorite days was to Chianti. We traveled through the rolling hills, visited wineries, tasted and learned about Italian wines and finished the day with a home cooking class at a chateau. It was a wonderful day of just *being present*, an intention that I have reintroduced into my life in the last few years. Below are a few photos of our day and looking at them brings me right back – the beauty of photography.

Have you been to Chianti or wanderlusted there?

WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy WANDERLUST - Chianti, Italy

Oh la la – Italy. If you haven’t been, I am sure you have wanderlusted about visiting this amazing country. The people, the architecture and, of course, the wine country are pure inspiration and beauty.

(All images by Rebecca Orlov)

hello and welcome
loving. living. small is now rebecca orlov

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hello hello hello, design friends!

It’s been quite a while since I have been writing on this here blog. I am truly excited and happy to be back after a much needed hiatus and creative reboot. I felt that loving. living. small. needed a content makeover and what better way to do that than to share my personal creative passions and inspiration as just myself  -  rebecca orlov.

enjoying simple things in life

This has been, in all honesty, a challenging year. Dealing with *real life* stuff in many parts of my life – personal relationships, career, fertility, loss – a lot has been going on that had me navigating real life and holding off on blogger life. I also felt a creative void, much larger than a creative block, surface. I hadn’t anticipated this after being so inspired for so many years by many components online – design blogs, photography, short films, etc. I don’t even remember deciding to stop blogging and snapping photos – I just stopped. My focus was elsewhere and my bright lightbulb of creative identity seemed to have dimmed. Looking back now I see that my mind, body and soul needed a break.

looking for alone time earlier this year

Life, as we all know, twists and turns. Flash forward and I am happy to be feeling really well now and also creatively inspired. I also discovered the importance of slowing down and really embracing quality in all parts of my life – including what I am sharing online. (this post from Erin had me in big smiles – I totally agree).

small space style

On that note and as I shared above, this is my new creative outlet for rebecca orlov. I began loving. living. small. in 2008 (inspired by my 300 square foot NYC studio) and have absolutely loved the blog ride since then. I’ve met incredible people, friends, artists, creatives and have enjoyed connecting with many of you through your comments, twitter, pinterest, etc. Although this has been home to small space design, I felt a need to open it up to what is really appealing to me these days -


the new home page (the new home page  *  tons of new categories in the nav bar  *  new name & logo  *  new inspiration)

* * * * *

  • I will continue to write about and share small space style and solutions in the HOME category. I am still (and hope to always be) a small space dweller.
  • As a first time mom-to-be (I’m 8 months pregnant with a baby girl!!!) – I’ll be embarking on a new journey in real life and here on the blog in BABY. I am sure this will be a “life in progress” category and I am definitely going to share products, clothes and overall style for baby, for nursery and for mom.
  • In DESIGN, I’ll be writing about inspiration, art, photographers, style and more. I am so inspired by so many of you and I look forward to showcasing some of my fave and my new-to-me design inspiration.
  • I am a big food lover and am thrilled be introducing DINE. I’ll be sharing not only amazing food, drinks and restaurants but restaurant decor and style that would look amazing in the home as well.
  • WANDERLUST is all about travel, destinations, exploration and global inspiration. From hotels to snapshot through my own lens, this is a place to enjoy the love of wanderlust.

There are also many new categories in the navigation bar. I’ll be filling these up with new content plus you can search through 5 years of small space design.

* * * * *

I feel really good about rediscovering my creative outlet and I look forward to writing, sharing, embracing photography again, laughing, smiling and getting ready for this lil baby girl to debut in early 2014. Thanks for reading and visiting and I’ll e-see you more often on

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