small space style: 1stdibs hearts the great gatsby

Posted on: May 10th, 2013 by rebecca

The long-awaited dazzling and theatrical release of The Great Gatsby is gracing the silver screen this weekend and I can’t wait. While the story, music and the uber-talented, Baz Luhrmann, are sure to be over the top, the production design is what I am most looking forward to seeing.  Art decor inspirations – gold, brass and glass style – will certainly be interweaved throughout the fantastical set design.

I am completely inspired by the modern art deco designs so when the fine folks over at 1stdibs contacted me about doing a Great Gatsby-themed post, I jumped at the chance. The site is literally 0f fully of incredible design from all eras (and our beloved American Art Deco). I roundup up 8 lovely pieces that Daisy would approve of too. My personal fave, the black glass and gilded mirror and the brass magazine rack – love!

1.  A Pair of 1930s American Modernist Art Deco Brass Table Lamps

2.  Vintage Italian Pair of Art Deco Style of Black Glass and Gilt Mirrors

3.  Art Deco Chairs

4.  Walter Von Nessen American Art Deco Coffee Set for Chase 

5.  Art Deco French Carpet

6.  Bernhard Rhone for Mastercraft Trifoliate Occasional Tables

7.  Kurt Versen Cork and Copper American Art Deco Table Lamp 

8.  Revere American Art Deco Wood or Magazine Holder

Want more art deco love? Click here to check out the full array over on 1stdibs site. Yes!

(Images via 1stdibs)

Pack your Bags, Louis Vuitton Style

Posted on: April 30th, 2013 by rebecca

It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of Louis Vuitton. *See dedicated pin board, trip to the LV exhibit @ Les Decoratifs in Paris last year and more love here and here. Aside from the luxury brand’s items – handbags, accessories, clothes and overall style, LV has one serious and amazing digital presence. If you haven’t checked out their site lately, I urge you to go and virtually enjoy some curated goodness, like their celeb collaborators, as well as short films that stretch to the the coast of Italy. Another one of their latest content pieces – The Art of Packing – which features four LV vignettes that encourage you to pack your very own LV bag (hi, Keepall) and imagine boarding a plane to some exotic locale. Dare to dream, small space dwellers, dare to dream.



Which one of these bags are you going to travel with?


(Images via Louis Vuitton)

flower power

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 by rebecca

Spring is alive and well on the east coast. Cherry blossoms, tulips and daffodils are everywhere and I cannot stop snapping pics of them. (cue my Instagram feed) Morning and evening walks showcase the blooms in different colors and it’s all inspiring. Check out a few of my photos below and my fave design decor tip – pick up fallen leaves & flowers and enjoy. Yes!



(Images by loving. living. small.)


10 Instagrammers That Will Change Your Life

Posted on: April 12th, 2013 by rebecca

Life changing, huh? Now how’s that for a title. I can’t get over the creativity out there. It’s super inspiring to me. With so many awesome outlets for sharing, it’s no wonder I get stuck to my phone for hours on end. My personal fave these days – Instagram.

Maybe it’s because I am more of a visual person that I have latched onto this fantastic app. Why do I love it so and how has it changed my life? Because I get to see how people around the world are capturing their day. Their life. Their point-of-view. And it’s inspired me to Go. Do. Live.

While I follow over 400 folks, there are a handful that I am super loyal to. I love seeing how their stories are unfolding every day. From travels to lights to flowers to dining experiences to architecture, the authentic and quite stunning stories are dreamy and fun. So on that note – here are 10 of my faves. Check out my recap per Instagrammer below and click on the circle to be taken away to their dream worlds.



NATH PARIS. Nathalie’s daily expose of Paris will have you dreaming of boarding a flight, sipping champagne and whisking away to the City of Lights. I can’t get over her images of Paris lifelife that offer glimpses of city streets, architecture and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

BERGDORFS. The department store mecca – that is literally it’s own brand of all things high-end and fabulous fashion – has a killer Instagram feed. I love how they make this huge store feel like a my own personal shopping valet. Shots of clothes, accessories and jewels are seamlessly mixed with shot of HQ NYC and various rad destinations that also happens to be the backdrop for their next campaign. Cool. Stylin. Totally Lustworthy.

CAMILE VALENTINE. Always light, always earth tones, Camile’s Instagram feed is pure stunning moments. She somehow turns a simple tree or flower or barn into the loveliest vignette. Totally artistic and just calm style.

FROM ME TO YOU. Can you tell this is my FAVE Instagram feed? (see above) I simply love the world that Jamie Beck shares daily through her Instagram stream. And you know what, it’s totally her real life (A girl can dream) A fabulously talented photographer, Jamie captures fashion + lifestyle through her lens, creating fantastical editorial collections as well as her infamous Cinemagraphs.  (Click and thank me later) The best part – she shares all of this and so much more through her iphone, often including photos of her that were shot by her hubby and partner, Kevin.

RUSSEL SAMUEL. Oh la la, another stunning landscape Instagrammer. Russel’s images have amazing composition and totally perfect light. Seriously, you have to see his feed as a full board. I don’t know these creative folks do it but they are creating serious inspiring vignettes. 

WINTER SESSION. Run by partners, Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher, this feed features their storefront workshop brilliantly called Winter Session. Photos of the shop + handmade products and cool design. Yes! Aside from “I have to have that” items, they also Instagram their day to day lives and fun moments, like checking out live music and entertaining with friends.

HEATHER BULLARD. So, yea, I kinda wish I knew Heather because she literally goes to the neatest flea markets to scour goodies for her work  as a stylist and prop specialist. She produces awesome style for magazines and her own blog and Instgrams her way through it all. Love this feed and you will too.

LOUISE LJ. Like most people, I also have a love affair with Scandinavian style and interiors. Thankfully, there are people like Louise out there who just captures the essence of this beloved style. Living in Stockholm, she shares photos of everyday life that raises the bar to complete style. She makes a coffee cup look incredible.

THIS IS GLAMOROUS. I’ve been reading Roseline’s blog of the same name for many years and her Instagrm feed is just as fab. Always sharing poignant and pretty pics, you just want to fall into her Instagram feed to experience the style.

REICCK. This Instagrammer out of Japan captures totally mundane objects and elevates them to pure beauty. A line of flags couldn’t look better. A walkway in town is now art. Follow this person just to see the pretty light filters that get applied to every photo – a pattern in it’s own right.

Oh, and, check out my own feed right here >>

What are your favorite Instagrammers? I am always looking for new inspiring folks to follow.

Turning the Color

Posted on: April 9th, 2013 by rebecca

To be honest, I am not a blue person. I don’t own a lot of blue and I don’t really decorate with blue. Well, I think this fab room as changed my mind. Perhaps it’s the height of the space or the lovely collection of the framed women or the ode to Tiffany’s but this space is working and it’s doing it well. Sometimes it takes a design layout to come together to see the vision and I can certainly see myself moving in this direction. What do you think about this space? Would you go blue if it was new to you?



(Image via Adore Home)