a striped house in Provence

Posted on: June 20th, 2012 by rebecca

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My affinity for stripes definitely extends through my fashion and my decor. I love the look, the style, the vibe. So when my husband and I came upon a striped house in Provence, I was thrilled! During our recent honeymoon, we spotted this sweet striped home in Roussillin, one of the hillside towns in Luberon, a region in Provence. Even though it’s in an old village in France, there was a modern vibe here – loved it! I rounded up a few striped decor items that have a design edge and would look lovely in any small space. Oh la la!

{Images by loving. living. small.}

turn your travels into jewelry

Posted on: June 13th, 2012 by rebecca

If you need loving. living. small. then you know I love gathering inspiration for my small space through travel. Whether I am taking a weekend road trip or going on my amazing honeymoon, the excitement and new moments that happen while traveling can inspire color, shape and design in your home.It’s one thing to bring home a travel momento, it’s another to turn your travels into jewelry.

Through Brit.co, I recently discovered Meshu,  a super cool design company that uses 3D printing and lasercutting to turn your trip (or any mappable experience) into jewelry. Rad? Yes! Just map your trip by entering destinations and you’ll see lines drawn on the map that create a unique shape. From there, you can pick the material (wood, nylon, silver and more) to create your bauble – necklace, earrings, cuff links and more. I just mapped our honeymoon to Europe (above) and love the way it looks. I am thinking a silver cut large necklace is in my future. Click here to check out Meshu.

5 places to get inspiration this weekend

Posted on: June 8th, 2012 by rebecca


So I should be packing away like crazy (we are moving to our new small home on Wednesday!) but I am completely procrastinating and dreaming of being back in France. I can’t believe I was lounging right there just a few weeks ago. (Can I just win the lottery??)  Just a reminder that inspiration for your home is *everywhere* so get out and enjoy a fantastic weekend around your town or lounge by a pool in France on your honeymoon. :) Here are five inspiring things to get you on your way >>

*Fine music at the annual Takoma Park Jazz Fest is this Sunday. DC rocks!

*These 5 design bloggers have the best Instragram feeds. Seriously, people, go find them they are awesome! See why in my Washingtonian post.

*I’m totally behind packing up for our home for our big move next week because of this site.

*Obsessed with this DIY flower bracelet by PS I Made This on Who What Wear.

*Virtually travel the world with one of my fave wedding photographers, Cooper Caras.


{Images snapped by me at our awesome hotel in Cassis, France}

morning at a Provence market
loving eating small

Posted on: June 6th, 2012 by rebecca


Ahhh Provence. You had me at hello. My husband and I recently took our honeymoon and we had the pleasure of visiting Provence. We stayed in a lovely hotel in St Remy and drove our rental car through the hills of Luberon, enjoying the sights and smells of France. What an incredible and special place. One of my favorite days was our morning at the St Remy market. The small town fills up with street vendors of all kinds – flowers, cheese, bread, vegetables, olives, clothes, oils, you name it. We strolled through the winding streets of St Remy, sampling goodies, buying treats and just enjoying the gorgeous day. I was snapping away, inspired by the colors of the market selections. I think cities provide awesome inspiration for your home. The colors are so pretty and vibrant that it’s easy to pull a color palette out of here. I hope you enjoy these photos – I personally am dreaming of going back soon, and opening a B & B. One day, right?! :)

{All images by Rebecca / loving. living. small}

light love for any small space
rose gold

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by rebecca


I am so excited to share this awesome light fixture with you guys. My husband and I spotted it in Provence during our honeymoon adventure a few weeks ago. We spent the entire morning at the St. Remy market, the small town that we stayed in for five days. (Awesome market post to come – can’t wait to share that with you too) The town is full of winding streets, lovely shops and quaint architecture. We popped into a home decor shop that was full of decor, accents and great lights. I immediately was drawn to the Foscarini Myesterio Suspension white and rose gold pendant light. Much like my Tom Dixon Beat light love that I spotted in Florence (my pick as best decor when InStyle asked me to contribute to their Style-Setter colum last November), I loved the contrast of texture and design style of the light. Simply put – it’s a hot light!

Lighting in a small space is super important and can really make your small space appear bigger. Embrace lighting in your home and think about your lighting plan. Trust me, you don’t have to be a lighting expert, you just need to create lighting to balance your space so if feels light and bright and spread out evenly. Balance and harmony in a small space is one of the best small space tips to consider.

{Images by Rebecca Orlov}



louis vuitton / marc jacobs exhibit visit
Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by rebecca


If you’ve been reading loving. living. small. then you know my absolute fave designer is Louis Vuitton. There’s something special about the designs, style and elegance of LV item and I have been a fan and admirer for many years. I even have a special Pinterest board simply called “Louis Vuitton, I love you”.

When my husband and I recently went on our honeymoon adventure, I had the pleasure of spending four days in Paris. I also had a chance to check out the new Louis Vuitton/March Jacobs exhibit at Musee de Arts Decoratifs. (I also enjoyed staying just 2 blocks from LV headquarters and flagship store on the Champs de Elysee – just a coincidence).

The exhibit was awesome and full of fantastic original, vintage and taste-making objects. The first floor is dedicated entirely to Louis Vuitton and his story. He began his career making flat steamer trunks with the goal of perfecting this travel item. There were some priceless trunks on display – one of my dream items. The 2nd floor is all Marc Jacobs. The space, itself, is brighter and more colorful with TVs looping pop culture style, music blasting and dynamically lit rooms. Another fave wall – the handbag wall – that featured all of the interpretations that Jacobs has created since he took the helm in 1997.

If you love LV, fashion and style and happen to visit Paris in the next few months, I would definitely try to check out this exhibit at Musee de Arts Decoratifs.  It’s also right near the Louvre and the Tulleries.

{Images 1 – 5 by loving living small and images 6 – 9 via Wallpaper}






loving. living. small.’s european travels
honeymoon adventures

Posted on: April 12th, 2012 by rebecca

Hard to believe that my husband and I are packing our bags and heading off on our European honeymoon very soon. We are insanely excited to travel to Europe and beginning our adventure in Paris. I am dreaming of wine, cheese, macaroons, walks along the river, museum spotting, city lights and good old people watching.  I discovered this lovely short with the sweetest titles that shows a day in Paris. Also, here are some links to inspiration and style to enjoy. For now, au revoir. {Click here to enjoy the video.}

Georgetown’s *French Market* is coming – April 28

40 inspiring pinterest boards, including 100 DIYs for your small space

Domino Mag’s brand new (real) magazine that’s all about quick fixes

These 5 blogs are so awesome – just go and read them. now. Fresh Exchange, From Me To You, The Coveteur, Canneli Vanneli and Cooper Caraas


I am a Style-Setter // InStyle Magazine Nov 2011

Posted on: October 22nd, 2011 by rebecca



Here is the shoe store in Florence, Italy where I spotted the gorgeous Beat lights.

Also in Florence, amazing design and color. Gelato. Two Ways.

Love Locks. If you are a romantic at heart like me, read more here.


A day trip to Chianti – oh my – amazing.

Vino. New & Very Old Bottles.

 My cutest and sweet Mom and I taking a cooking class in Chianti

Florence. Everyday Life.

I am excited to share some fun news – I am in InStyle’s November 2011 issue as a STYLE-SETTER (pg. 344) I was asked to be part of the very cool monthly column – Think Tank – and this month’s question was “How can I make my home feel more cozy?” I knew my answer immediately.

When I was invited to do this, I had just returned home from my holiday to Stockholm and Italy. I was all over black and gold products since I had spied them everywhere and really loved the vibe of the style. Aside from the color combination, the texture contrast was awesome – matte exterior and shiny/polished interior. To me, it was a thoughtful and pretty design and the warm glow from the gold – love it!

Most of my time in Italy with my mom was spent exploring the culture and style of the towns – the streets, buildings, design, food – seen in some of my personal photos above. We were walking back to our hotel when we strolled by a shoe store and – wowza – there were the Thomas Dixon lights as part of the shop design. I just loved them and was excited to share them with InStyle as great lighting and style idea for home.

On loving. living. small. and {soon-to-be launched} Salt General Store, I am all about making your house a home and *feeling* great where you live, seek refuge, relax. Lighting is super important, especially in smaller spaces because it can add balance and harmony to a room. And while you are at it, have a lighting element that is just awesome.

By the way, also in this issue is the Best of Web Online Shopping feature. It’s jam-packed with awesome online destinations for the lifestyle lover. I especially like the Etsy picks in each section. I was actually honored to be picked for this issue last year as one of InStyle’s Best of Web Home bloggers for 2010. It was a complete and lovely surprise to me and I still can’t believe it a year later. As a small blog, I was humbled to not jut be selected but to be in great company with some incredible (and big!) blogs/sites. Woo hoo!

UPDATE 8/2/12: Check out the white Tom Dixon lamp in my FAVE COLOR COMBO | GOLD & WHITE post right here.



loving. eating. small. summer travel edition

Posted on: September 9th, 2011 by rebecca

It’s been raining like crazy in the east coast lately and I’ve been staying in and enjoying the cozy vibe of my new small space. I’ve been checking out and loving some amazing food blogs lately (like this blog, this blog and this blog) and was inspired to share some of my photos from my summer trip to Italy, Stockholm and London. I definitely enjoyed the food and wine on my trip and was turned on to a lot of new and interesting goodies. 
I love how photos evoke such memories and inspiration. I remember shooting one of my Chianti day trips and absolutely loving the faltered wood farm tables – perfectly rustic. It definitely inspired my new farmhouse buffet. Do you have pieces in your home that are inspired from photographs?
location of images from the top //
01. Rome. Window shopping break for coffee.
02. Florence. Rooftop dinner.
03. Stockholm. Lunch in my friend’s backyard patio.
04. Florence. Gelato snack.
05. Florence. Breakfast on our rooftop terrace. 
06. Chianti. Winetasting.
07. Chianti. Lunch during winetasting.
08. Chianti. Dessert wine and cookie during winetasting.
09. Chianti. Winetasting.
10. Chianti. Winetasting.
11. London. Flowerpot bread at Borough Market.
12. London. Borough Market lunch.
13. London. Mushrooms snapped during Borough Market walk.
14. London. Notting Hill walk and snack.
15. London. Breakfast.
16. Florence. Best white pizza. Ever.
17. London. Oysters and clams snapped during Borough Market walk.
18. Stockholm. Ferry to Archipelago for Midsummer weekend.
19. Stockholm. Bulle and coffee break.
:: all images snapped by loving. living. small. ::


make new city inspiration your own in your small space

Posted on: August 2nd, 2011 by rebecca

While I was in Stockholm, I fell in love with the bright colors of the buildings, water and sky. (Did you know that Stockholm is all islands?) There was an elegant vibe to the city and it felt amazing walking around. I enjoyed a little bit of shopping as well, picking up some great design items for my own small space. One of my favorite items that I purchased were these Dala horses, the popular Swedish horses that are named for Sweden’s home province of Dalarna. Since I am a big lover of embracing city inspiration and interpreting it through my home, it was important for me to add the Dala design item. I really loved Stockholm and wanted to take a bit of it’s style with me. While I love the original version, I chose to go with a modern, striped ceramic version – more me with the design still in tact. I think adding items from your travels or even a day trip out and about to your space is fantastic! I love taking it a step further and finding a version that suits more of my personality. I can’t wait to get these little guys up at home.  
Images //
1. One of the many boats 2. Touring the Stockholm 3. Enjoying a ferry ride to Stockholm Archipalego 4. My friend’s apartment, with her version of the Dala horse in white 5. My new Dala horses, striped of course
:: all photos by loving. living. small. ::