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How could I not share the perfectly names TINY’S with you? Aside from the small space moniker, Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs is dining spot in Tribeca, NY. (Just a few blocks from my old stomping ground and inspiration for this blog in Soho). Tiny’s happens to live in one of the oldest buildings in town – dated back to 1810. Given a pink facelift and lots of TLC, the restaurant has quickly become a cool go-to destination for those in the know. Another cool note – the 3rd floor has been rounded up in the “Secret dining spots” of NY. Be on the lookout for their 3rd floor – only accessible by a secret door.

tinys tinys3

(Image one by Jamie Beck/Ann Street Studio, Image two Suann Song)

Rustic Style & Dinner at Styers Garden and Terrain

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On Saturday, my husband and I ventured off for an evening in Philadelphia to catch the incredible Melody Gardot sing at the Merriam Theater. Before the show, we planned a visit to Terrain and Styler’s for dinner and for a chance to check out the landscape and design shop.

I have been a fan of Terrain for a long time. The shop’s website is awesome and full of fantastic design goods for the inside and outside of your home. (It is part of the Anthropologie brand) Inside the rustic shop there are tons of design vignettes, glass containers, florals, succulents, plants as well as books, jewelry, soaps and lotions. Outside there are string-lit paths that take you around the property where you can buy trees, outdoor furniture and more. There’s a large barn where private dinners are held as well as pockets of design moments. (Like the tent set-up – love love love this!)

After we enjoyed the shop, we had a lovely dinner in the greenhouse (yay – more string lights!) The cheese board we had to start was amazing and my husband and I enjoyed scallops and goat cheese gnoochi. After dinner we drove to the city to enjoy the soulful sounds of one of m fave singers – Melody Gardot. It was her last stop of her US tour and it was magical.

(All photos by loving. living. small.)



morning at a Provence market
loving eating small

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Ahhh Provence. You had me at hello. My husband and I recently took our honeymoon and we had the pleasure of visiting Provence. We stayed in a lovely hotel in St Remy and drove our rental car through the hills of Luberon, enjoying the sights and smells of France. What an incredible and special place. One of my favorite days was our morning at the St Remy market. The small town fills up with street vendors of all kinds – flowers, cheese, bread, vegetables, olives, clothes, oils, you name it. We strolled through the winding streets of St Remy, sampling goodies, buying treats and just enjoying the gorgeous day. I was snapping away, inspired by the colors of the market selections. I think cities provide awesome inspiration for your home. The colors are so pretty and vibrant that it’s easy to pull a color palette out of here. I hope you enjoy these photos – I personally am dreaming of going back soon, and opening a B & B. One day, right?! :)

{All images by Rebecca / loving. living. small}

loving. eating. small. fat radish | nyc

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I am heading off to NYC soon for a visit to to my fave city and the inspiration for this little blog. My fiance and I will be visiting with friends and checking out some spots, like the Fat Radish. This place opened up after I had moved and I’m looking forward to checking it out. I love intimate dining spots that offer not just great food but great design. From the photos on their site, Fat Radish seems to deliver both. There are many small space design ideas right in there // white subway tiles, large type, floating shelving and mixed textures. Do you check out design while you’re dining? Click here to see more of loving. eating. small.
:: images via Fat Radish ::


loving. eating. small. summer travel edition

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It’s been raining like crazy in the east coast lately and I’ve been staying in and enjoying the cozy vibe of my new small space. I’ve been checking out and loving some amazing food blogs lately (like this blog, this blog and this blog) and was inspired to share some of my photos from my summer trip to Italy, Stockholm and London. I definitely enjoyed the food and wine on my trip and was turned on to a lot of new and interesting goodies. 
I love how photos evoke such memories and inspiration. I remember shooting one of my Chianti day trips and absolutely loving the faltered wood farm tables – perfectly rustic. It definitely inspired my new farmhouse buffet. Do you have pieces in your home that are inspired from photographs?
location of images from the top //
01. Rome. Window shopping break for coffee.
02. Florence. Rooftop dinner.
03. Stockholm. Lunch in my friend’s backyard patio.
04. Florence. Gelato snack.
05. Florence. Breakfast on our rooftop terrace. 
06. Chianti. Winetasting.
07. Chianti. Lunch during winetasting.
08. Chianti. Dessert wine and cookie during winetasting.
09. Chianti. Winetasting.
10. Chianti. Winetasting.
11. London. Flowerpot bread at Borough Market.
12. London. Borough Market lunch.
13. London. Mushrooms snapped during Borough Market walk.
14. London. Notting Hill walk and snack.
15. London. Breakfast.
16. Florence. Best white pizza. Ever.
17. London. Oysters and clams snapped during Borough Market walk.
18. Stockholm. Ferry to Archipelago for Midsummer weekend.
19. Stockholm. Bulle and coffee break.
:: all images snapped by loving. living. small. ::


loving. eating. small. summer pie + california home & design

Posted on: July 19th, 2011 by rebecca

I recently returned from my summer adventure to Stockholm, Italy and London – wow – what a trip! I was considering posting as I went but then decided – unplug. It was a really nice break but I am happy to be back and I am so insanely overloaded with design inspiration and style. I’ll definitely be sharing some of the goodies that I discovered on my trip so stay tuned. (I took over 3000 photos!)
In the meantime, I am so excited and happy for my friend, Erin, and her amazing July/August issue of California Home + Design that came out a few weeks ago. As the new EIC, she rocked this issue. It’s full of design ideas, visual moments and thoughtful lifestyle pieces. And she complemented the print mag with a matching digital issue. I even got to be part of a shoot featuring Matt of Matt Bites. (That’s me in the blue/white tanktop with Matt and another friend) Shot at his Long Beach loft/studio, it was a great afternoon full of delicious treats on a stick and I’d-eat-with-my-hands amazing homemade pie. I absolutely loved the mosaic ashtrays that Matt and his partner collect that adorn their cement walls as a featured art gallery. The contrast of textures – matte cement balancing shiny pops of mosaic tile – truly work. I also love the idea of taking an intended item and turning it into your personal style. (Ashtray as art? Yes!) Small spaces really evolve with personal touches and small details. Click here to read the new issue of California Home + Design.
:: tabletop shots snapped by me with my iphone ::


loving. eating. small. abc kitchen, a 2011 james beard winner for best new restaurant

Posted on: May 10th, 2011 by rebecca

I am sure it’s my love of Manhattan {having lived in Soho for several years} mixed with the Top Chef in me but I love love love NYC restaurants. And what’s better than a fabulous dining spot found inside an incredible home decor experience known as ABC Carpet & Home?! ABC Kitchen is just that. Nestled inside the 10-floor vertical home design mecca, this 2011 James Beard award winning restaurant serves “local, organic and original food” and  is full of incredible food and impactful style. Mixing wood, glass and metal textures, the space is so inviting and cozy, it’s truly an intimate experience. Small space dwellers can definitely appreciate that one! 

:: images via New York Magazine ::


loving. eating. small. salts infused with sweetness

Posted on: April 27th, 2011 by rebecca

The warm weather and blue skies have definitely put me in a sweet mood and I wanted to share a tray that I recently put together to enjoy with friends – strawberries, whipped cream and flavored salt with a touch of sweet.  Lemon twist sea salt, Green Tea Matcha sea salt and Lime Fresco sea salt  – oh la la. Oh and this is a healthier sweet treat when using fat free Cool Whip. I bet the chocolate kind would be delish too – yum!
So much more to come this summer with the launch of SALT GENERAL STORE
Click here to follow @SaltGenStore and stay in touch for the launch just a few months away.


loving. eating. small. fab foods to make in your small space

Posted on: April 14th, 2011 by rebecca

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loving. eating. small. Ray’s & Stark Bar

Posted on: March 11th, 2011 by rebecca

Lately a lot of beautifully designed spots have opened up in Los Angeles and Ray’s & Stark Bar at LACMA is one of them.  I popped over there the other night and enjoyed my “Lost in Yonkers” cocktail (pictured above) and a gorgeous evening. Situated in the courtyard of LACMA, the farm-to-table restaurant (Ray’s) and the curated cocktail bar (Stark) offer pops of color, infused modern style and, of course, perfectly mixed and shaken cocktails and great food. I loved the small conversation areas and the mix of chairs and tables. If you are into trying a new design element in your small space, consider mixing your styles. I love mixing to add flavor to a space and to create dimension. I also love the red and blue palette – very cool tones. Small space tip – cool colors make a small space appear bigger. Don’t we all love that? 

:: images by loving. living. small. ::