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I love a good DIY, especially with gold metallic in the mix. I spotted this fab, easy and affordable DIY that would be a great gift for friends or for yourself. And the best part – you can create any color combo and patter you love – love that! Click here to check out the project and learn how to use gold metallic adhesive paper.


diy - gold dipped boxes 2 diy - gold dipped boxes diy - gold dipped boxes 3

(Images via You Are My Fave)

Small Space DIY: Emerald Green Credenza Makeover

Posted on: March 25th, 2013 by rebecca

Have you had projects that you’ve been wanting and waiting and just, well, haven’t gotten to? Yep, that’s me. I have a list of creative things that I’d like to accomplish in my home that never get crossed off. So, finally I tackled one that I have been sitting on for almost 2 years – a makeover to our lovely credenza. I originally snagged this lovely credenza for an insane deal at the Rose Bowl Flea (see it here in one of my old Apartment Therapy posts). It’s also the same one that I totally ruined in 2011 when I moved cross country and put tape on the wood when wrapping it up with a blanket to get it ready for moving day. (Why I did that? Who knows) Needless to say, the lovely credenza is now more “striped wood and tape marks” credenza. (see pic 2 – ugh)

After two years of ugly tape marks and 2 of the cabinet doors missing (those broke during the move), I had enough. I decided to makeover my credenza with a temporary design solution. One day I will get the doors fixed and I will sand and restain the wood but, for now, a temp design ideas is more accessible and also a lot of fun.

I’ve been dreaming of marble lately and have seen a few cool ideas with it, like this amazing bathroom from Lonny and this sweet decor idea from Honestly WTF. A quick search online and I had found my (temporary) answer – marble wallpaper.



I found the coolest vinyl wallpaper at Home Depot and for only $50 – nice! I decided on green (I have a love of malachite) and ordered a roll. I also called a local glass company and gave them my measurements for a glass top to be cut. A week later – I had both pieces back at my house. Since I knew that one day, I’ll fix the piece properly, I didn’t want to do anything that would harm it further. I measured out the wallpaper for the top, cut it and decided to simply tape the corners down. I then added the glass top – easy! I also wanted a super quick fix for the cabinet doors. I bought a piece of $5 wood at Home Depot and asked them to cut it to my measurements (they are seriously so nice there). I wrapped and glued the cut wood with the wallpaper. Once dry, I could just slide it right in – creating a “door”. It stays up perfectly in it’s space and I can slide it to the left when I need to access the drawers inside.

Overall, I think this is a good temp solution for our beloved credenza. It’s a neat design, adds a pop of color and covers up my sad tape mistake. The reality is that DIY projects can be overwhelming (i.e. for me, fixing the credenza properly) and finding a creative, fun and affordable solution can help you cross the DIY finish line. Although let’s just see how long it takes for my husband and I to really fix this thing. I have a feeling we may be selling a “Wooden Credenza with A Green Marble Top” one day on Craigslist.

 (Images by Rebecca / loving. living. small.)



small space DIY | my fave picks from Pinterest

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Of all my 40 pinterest boards, my fave is my DIY: I WANT TO MAKE THAT board. It’s full of easy yet cool DIY projects that are perfect for all small space dwellers. Since I am a big believer in *small details in small spaces*, I rounded up 4 of my fave projects that anyone can accomplish with tons of creativity and for a few bucks and a little bit of time.

1. DIY Bottle Toppers | Turn your bar full of spirits into a destination with these very cool geode toppers. I also think these would be an awesome gift.via Cupcakes & Cashmere

2. DIY Neon Painted Planters | I am all about neon signage and also love the neon colors out there. This is a totally easy and fun way to add color to your small space. via Tuinierien

3. DIY Corner Painted Frames | How clever is this? Turn any generic black frame into a detailed piece of interest that will only add to your wall gallery. via A Thoughtful Place

4. DIY Custom Wood Silhouette | I love reversing textures and this neat wood silhouette project does just that – letting the wood shine on through. via Lowes Creative Ideas

What are your fave small space DIY projects?

small space d.i.y. | reverse silhouette

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I did this super easy and affordable DIY over the weekend and wanted to share it with you – reverse silhouettes. I have always been a fan of silhouettes – the contrast of black on white – awesome! We had our silhouettes cut out for us a few years ago when we went to Disneyland. I wanted to hang something behind our new bookcases and I wanted to keep it small but meaningful – our silhouettes would do the trick. I already had some 6 x 6 canvases and bought some rose gold glitter at a local craft store. I printed out each silhouette, taped it down on the canvas, used a little glue, sprinkled on a little glitter – voila – a reverse silhouette. While I know this is an easy project, I wanted to share more how using decor with meaning can impact how you feel in your  small space. Whether it’s a photo you took, a travel momento or an Etsy seller’s products you love – create a home with meaning and intention.

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small space dwellers handbook | turn 1 room, into 2
via lonny mag

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I was thrilled to see one of my fave room ideas in Lonny’s latest issue. The idea is to use your  headboard (or even DIYing  a half wall) and create a room divider to turn your one room, into two. Yes! I have seen a few rooms designed this way – mostly hotels but I have seen a master in a home done this way – and always remark “love this! It’s so smart and efficient – the best way to utilize a space” I think this idea would work well if you had windows on each side of the space. Also, the room has to be more rectangular than square.

What do you think of this idea? Think this would feel good in your small space?


{Images of room via Lonny August 2012 issue – click here to enjoy the mag}



small space diy | an outdoor movie theater

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I started an Al Fresco board a few months, pinning glorious and serene outdoor vignettes. I was enjoying pinning this and this and then I saw it – the most perfect summer treat idea – a backyard DIY movie theater. What a special and fun idea?! (and from the looks of a Pinterest search, you guys loved it too)  We just moved into our first single family home. It’s small and charming and it happens to have a big, flat backyard. Basically, the perfect place for this awesome idea. With the lazy days of summer trucking along I think I will plan a little movie party right here at home. And the folks over at Wired have an awesome DIY movie screen that my husband and I will tackle to get ready. Now we need to decide what movie to watch? In the meantime, check out over 100 SMALL SPACE DIYs right here.

 {Image via Babble}

mixing it up
loving living small’s new main page inspiration

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It’s spring. It’s warm and it’s time to mix up loving. living. small. a bit. I freshened up loving. living. small. this weekend with six new main stage images. I snapped all these pics and am excited to share them with you. I also added in six small space design ideas to think about and consider. Here’s where I snapped these pics >>

1 // my living room and a super easy decor remix idea – take an old candle holder and turn it into a vase

2 // my new watercolor set. I am all about creating my own artwork this spring.

3 // The Eiffel Tower at midnight on the 1st night of our honeymoon.

4 // A snap shot from a fave design book – domino’s book of decorating

5 // Gorgeous beaded bracelets worn by Ekster’s Caroline (a great new design vendor I met)

6 // Decor and style snapped at Ekster’s space at Lucketts Spring Market this past weekend.

I also wanted to share some new posts that I’ll be sharing this spring. In the next few weeks I will be sharing some awesome design pics with you from my recent honeymoon trip to Europe in my A LITTLE TRAVEL series and adventures from our move to our 1st house in my A SMALL MOVE series. And my exciting and very cool news – I am a new columnist at Washingtonian Magazine’s website – Washingtonian.com. I’ll be sharing the small space love weekly so definitely check in over there.

Hope you are loving your small space these days!

{Images by loving. living. small.}

small space d.i.y.
painted cermamic accents

Posted on: January 15th, 2012 by rebecca

:: up in the air somewhere ::


:: jill rosenwald ::


:: paulova ceramics ::


I’ve been completely inspired by painted ceramics lately. There’s something special about the colors, shine and artistry of the medium. During the holiday, I spent an afternoon at a ceramic shop painting away. I enjoyed the experience of picking colors, painting my chevron style free hand and love my finished soup spoon. (We actually needed one so now it has a bit more meaning that I painted it myself) Although I had a blast, I will leave the art of ceramics to the truly talented. I wanted to share some of my favorite designers with you because their work is gorgeous and perfect for your small space or to gift to a friend.

up in the air somewhere // such amazing pieces, in particular the gilded decor. I still am loving gold as an addition to decor (I was in InStyle a few months ago sharing these gilded lamps as my fave cozy decor) There’s a real simplicity in her work – I. want. it. all.

jill rosenwald // I love a good chevron pattern and jill’s work includes not just my fave pattern but other popular designs like dots and greek key. Her bold colors and two-tone pieces are impactful and completely fun. I love the lamps!

paulova ceramics // the salt and pepper wells had me at *hello* and I pretty much am in love with all of Paulova’s work. I love how she paints the inside of her pieces and the addition of type. Just lovely.

Do you have ceramic pieces in you home? If so, what do you love about them?


small space d.i.y.tin tile headboard

Posted on: August 30th, 2011 by rebecca

One of my favorite neighborhoods is Georgetown. It’s completely quaint mixed with cool design and shops. I spent some time there the other day and enjoy the pretty cobblestone streets. I popped into West Elm’s new pop up shop. There were some neat design ideas and I thought one, in particular, was perfect for a small space DIY. How cool is this tin tile headboard? Full of design style, texture and color vibe, these tiles make a great impact. Consider placing your tin tiles (found at your local home improvement store) on a large plywood sheet. And don’t forget to add some color with spray paint. Check out over 50 small space DIY ideas right here – fun!

:: all photos by loving. living. small. ::


small space d.i.y.affordable missoni artwork

Posted on: April 27th, 2011 by rebecca

A few days ago, I posted a digital snapshot of my 15 currents fave objects, places and decor inspiration, including a Missoni hand towel. I recently picked up one of these colorful chevron towels for $25. While that is a lot for a towel (at least for me), I thought I could use it for a small space d.i.y. in my home and an affordable piece of artwork.
Like my project of framing shoe dustbags, I framed the towel and placed it on a wall in my small hallway that needed a little love. I am really happy with how this came out. I actually got rid of the glass for the frame and just kept it open to allow the texture of the towel to really show. Definitely consider creating inspiration in your home that makes you feel good, makes you smile and simply inspires. There are no rules to decorating your own home – big or small. Make it what you want and enjoy – yes!

:: all photos by loving. living. small. ::