another look at turning 1 room into 2

Posted on: October 23rd, 2012 by rebecca


A few months ago, I posted about turning one room – literally – into two rooms with some creative space planning. By using a free-standing wall, you really can turn a small space into much more. I wanted to share even more ideas for making this design idea into a reality.

I love the space above that features a large white bookcase with clean lines. It separates this single room into two spaces – a bedroom and an office. Yes!

What do you think of this look that would create 2 separate rooms, in 1?

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

small space dwellers handbook | turn 1 room, into 2
via lonny mag

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by rebecca



I was thrilled to see one of my fave room ideas in Lonny’s latest issue. The idea is to use your  headboard (or even DIYing  a half wall) and create a room divider to turn your one room, into two. Yes! I have seen a few rooms designed this way – mostly hotels but I have seen a master in a home done this way – and always remark “love this! It’s so smart and efficient – the best way to utilize a space” I think this idea would work well if you had windows on each side of the space. Also, the room has to be more rectangular than square.

What do you think of this idea? Think this would feel good in your small space?


{Images of room via Lonny August 2012 issue – click here to enjoy the mag}



small space dweller handbook
pattern simplicity

Posted on: July 18th, 2012 by rebecca


If you are looking for an easy and simple way to add details to your space, then you will love this idea for the Small Space Dweller Handbook.  Everyone can embrace and achieve pattern simplicity when it comes to designing your small space. Yes, I say it all the time “small details make a big impact” because I love this idea and it’s true. My husband and I just bought our first real dining room set (hey, I guess you need a real dining room to even consider one, right?) While looking for a collection that appealed to us, we kept coming back to items that had simple yet elegant patterns integrated right into the pieces.  My inspiration – this gorgeous rustic farm table with a simple diamond pattern organic to the wood. Consider adding in pieces and decor in your home that have simple patterns to showcase the style and vibe of your design aesthetic.

 Looking for more small space ideas? Click here to read all the pages in the Small Space Dweller Handbook, full of ideas and inspiration for your home.


{Image by loving. living. small.}


small. simple. style.

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by rebecca


It’s summer, small space dwellers! Hope you have been enjoying the warm weather and lazy style of summer. I have been unpacking and setting up shop in my new small space and am thinking of calm and simple style, like this bedroom that we saw in Provence. I love how sweet and fresh this simple space is. I also love the side shelves-turn-headboard, including the small shelves. Yes! Enjoy the (hot ho hot) weekend and check out these awesome links for some inspiration and summer style >>

*Try some new food style by making these goodies.

*Pick one of these amazing destinations and just….go there.

*A few of my favorite pinners just rocking it 1 | 2 | 3

*I always get serious color inspiration from For The Love of Color…and you will too.

*Remodelista just launched their Room Gallery – and it rocks!

*I recently contributed my fave small tips over at fab site, Bungalux

{Image by loving. living. small.}


high vs. low and your small space

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Happy Friday, everyone! I am loving this post for today and am excited to share this idea with you. I recently discovered Style At Home’s High | Low series. (Have I been living under a rock?) The Canadian mag produces these fantastic vignettes showcasing a room styled with high-end decor and then the same room – remixed – with a the lower price point. Brilliant! So many of us (definitely me) can identify with the challenge of creating gorgeous, comfortable and well-designed spaces in our homes that don’t break the bank. What I love about this series is how it showcases accessible design. If you see a pricey item in a magazine or in a shop, do you research and find a piece that works for you financially while keeping the integrity of the design and the style you aim to achieve. I also think that people who live in smaller spaces tend to really  edit their furniture and decor. You know that you use everything. With this in mind, it’s easier to consider investment (high) piece in your space.

Do you mix HIGH | LOW at home? Share your story.

Click here to check out many more fantastic HIGH | LOW vignettes and pick up some design inspiration for your own space.

{Images via Style At Home}





a small space organizing tip for your closet that you’ve seen a million times

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by rebecca


Tip >> Organizing your shoes in bins.

Ok, so this small space tip is one you probably have seen forever or even one that you use yourself. I had seen it for years but for some reason I never had organized my shoes in my closet this way. Yes, years of fishing around on the floor for the pair that I wanted to wear is now over. In my new small home, I don’t have the floor space because I placed one of my 3-drawer dressers in there. What I do have are 2 levels of shelves that run the length of my closet. I placed my bags on one and had a question mark for my shoes. I was at a local home store and saw a box of clear shoe bins. Of course – yes! I finally went for it and created an organized closet in no time.

So why am I sharing an obvious tip with you? It’s to encourage you to go for “it” in your home – whatever that is. I guess that we all read amazing and insightful tips online for creating a comfortable home but we don’t always take them on in our reality. I am so glad that I (finally) went for it and encourage you to try some new-to-you tips for organizing your home. Maybe you have a list of small space DIYs you’ve been wanting to tackle or maybe it’s as simple as creating a cohesive closet with all the same hangars (this is my next quick organizing project) – either way get in there and enjoy creating a home that works for you.



small space dweller handbook: rethink your entryway

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 by rebecca

Have you ever thought about your entryway? It’s one of those areas that many of us may not think about when we are thinking about making our space work but I say add it in to the design mix. Many small homes and apartments may not have a traditional entry way (like a foyer or entry hall) that allows for a console table. And since floor space is limited, sometimes a clunky table may not work. 
So what’s a small space dweller to do? Of course I say, recreate your own version. We have a small entry way and needed a place to place our keys, my bags, etc. We didn’t want to use hooks and there was no room for a table so so we “recreated” it by hanging a multi-tiered shelf on the wall. Now we have a place for keys, bags and some decor we enjoy. 


another look into my design cycle

Posted on: March 15th, 2011 by rebecca

:: My affordable chandelier that I bought in NY last summer is staying put ::

 :: So is my colorful rug ::

A few days ago I shared that I am considering turning my home office into an actual dining room. Even though I just moved in a few months ago, I am going through a little design cycle and am looking to change up my space.  As far as the room, I definitely will continue to use it as an office (great idea from reader, Megan) but I am looking to change the layout and furniture to reflect a true dining space.  Want to see the current room as an office – click here for the Unplggd tour.
The design culprit for my new design cycle is the Saarinen marble tulip table. Definitely an investment piece, I’ve had my eye on this guy for some time and have been weighing the want vs. need vs. am I crazy for changing my place again? I do know that it’s a special piece and something that I can enjoy for the long haul. It will add into my home vibe and be something that I worked towards getting, which makes the material item a bit more special, right? 
Above you’ll see some ideas that I have from keeping the pretty gray painted walls, my bright floral rug and my favorite $60 sphere chandelier. The additions – the fab table and 4 Cesca chairs that were gifted to me by family friends for free. (Of course a little reupholstery is in their future but worth it to add some of my style to these classic chair.) And I am thinking of doing a buffet and hutch? Lots to consider here because of the size of the space. Maybe something mirrored to open up the space?
More to come, loving. living. small. friends :)


do you design cycle like me? reconsidering your {small} spaces

Posted on: March 14th, 2011 by rebecca
:: time after time I go through my design cycles :: 
ok friends, here I go again. I am in the middle of a complete design cycle. this time I am obsessing over turning my home office that I use and need into a dining room – that I don’t really need right now. The design culprit or covet I should say – the Saarinen marble tulip table. Yes, I want to redesign an entire space to incorporate this coveted piece right inside. Well, thankfully for me,  I have this blog to fess up to it and learn more about why I am always mixing it up.
Every now and then (ok every few weeks) I pretty much have to, want to, need to change some design element in my apartment. When I say cycle, I pretty much mean {re}cycle since I am often in the mood to change up my place. Whether it’s something simple and sweet like changing the photos in my frames or something bigger and braver like flipping my entire layout in my main room, I get the urge to recycle my design style. 
Of course I know my desire to mix it up is beyond just an actual product or inspiration that I find on the fantastic blogs and design features out there. I am sure that it stems from an emotional place since truly believe in making a house a home to create a place where I can feel my best self.  That being said, I do wonder what components of my life play into my wanting to redesign my small space so often? Could it be other areas of my life, the ups and downs of living, that plays into this? I’d love to hear your stories on the *urge to change up your home* and how you make it work or let it pass. A big thank you in advance from one small space dweller to another.


small space dweller handbook: make it personal in your small space

Posted on: November 8th, 2010 by rebecca

Loving these personal items – style and vibe

Floor-to-ceiling bookcases are fab small space ideas!

Loving the beveled glass door – perfect!

 Brick wall. Check!

I am seriously a sucker for string lights – tres romantic

Pendant lights are perfect in all spaces.

Don’t you just love small details in any space? I definitely do – there’s something meaningful – not in a sappy way but in a thoughtful way – love that. I was recently enjoying lovely photographer, Bonnie Tsang’s, blog (seriously, her work is amazing) and I came across a few venues that she has shot. I fell in love with the spaces at Marvimon & Smog Shoppe. Located in Los Angeles, these two event spaces are full of design style, texture and tons of personal touches. From the landscaping to the vintage signs to the oversized letters on the floor-to-ceiling bookcases to the string lights (my fave), these spaces are equally romantic as they are eclectic, cool and relaxed. No matter how big or small your space is, adding a bit of personal favorites will immediately add style to your space. 

Click here to check out more pages in the SMALL SPACE DWELLER HANDBOOK.

:: Images via Marvimon and Smog Shoppe sites ::