Posted on: November 13th, 2013 by rebecca


I really don’t know when my love of white rooms began but it’s definitely my go-to style. Soft, elegant and a perfectly neutral palette, white rooms completely shine. Aside from being bright and comfortable, white rooms are awesome foundations for framed walls (one of the best small space ideas). Whether you are adding frames as you go, creating a symmetrical vibe, leaning your frames or mixing and matching the frame color, your white room will be better for it. I rounded up 5 inspiring white rooms with special framed walls that will help you get a jump start on your own version.


framewall2 framewall1 framewall3 framewall4 framewall5

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Turning the Color

Posted on: April 9th, 2013 by rebecca

To be honest, I am not a blue person. I don’t own a lot of blue and I don’t really decorate with blue. Well, I think this fab room as changed my mind. Perhaps it’s the height of the space or the lovely collection of the framed women or the ode to Tiffany’s but this space is working and it’s doing it well. Sometimes it takes a design layout to come together to see the vision and I can certainly see myself moving in this direction. What do you think about this space? Would you go blue if it was new to you?



(Image via Adore Home)

Small Space Style: Add A Vase To Your Wall

Posted on: March 31st, 2013 by rebecca

I recently added a wall gallery to our kitchen. It’s full of photos from our honeymoon and makes me smile whenever I walk by. I actually bought this collection of 7 white frames from Home Goods ($50 for all of them – total deal). Once I set the gallery up, there was a space right in the middle. I thought about a few ideas for what to out there, like this brass deer bottle opener. But then I spotted these very cool DOT vases on fab for just $7. Done! I bought the silver one and it fit perfectly in the space. One of my best tips for creating a unique gallery is by adding an item that is completely different. In this case – the vase is round and pairs nicely against the straight lines of the frames. I also would get something that is different in color or texture. And, of course, have fun with it. Place items in your home that you love and make you feel great!



(Images by loving. living. small.)

using your walls | a wine wall, literally

Posted on: November 2nd, 2012 by rebecca

After hosting a party for my husband’s birthday last week, we ended up having many extra bottles of delicious wine left. Since we have a super small space in our mirrored credenza to store wine, I was thinking about what other ideas are out there. Aside from simply displaying wine (aren’t wine bottle + labels pretty?) or using a cool rack like this, I thought of my Italy trip from 2011.

My mom and I traveled through this amazing country and one of our day trips was to Chianti. One of the wineries that we visited had a large, stately home on it’s property. As we walked through the home, we walked down hall with a literal wine wall in lieu of artwork. Hey, the wine is art too, right?! I thought this would be such a cool idea in a small space – create a wine wall and not only store your wine but create fluid design in your home by going vertical.


(Images via loving. living. small.)

using your walls
print out your digital pictures

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Using your walls in your small space is such a great tip for making your home feel bigger. Why? Because going vertical allows the eye to keep moving – love this! What better way to use your walls than creating an engaging art gallery in your home. While there are certainly some amazing artists out there, consider tapping your inner-creative self and use your own style for your art. I recently printed out some photos from my trip to Italy and created a wall gallery. Although my iphone photos above don’t really do these justice, they look awesome and I am thrilled to have created vertical depth and art from my personal style. So get out there and *print* your fave images for your home.

Oh and while you are at – here is such a cool and new mobile app for printing-on-the-go //Postcard on the Run. Share your fave digital images with your friends and family (or even yourself) from your phone as a real postcard that can be printed and delivered in the mail. Love! Want to try it for yourself? Click here to download the app and get 20% off using SMALL1. I know you have some gorgeous photos stocked in our phone that would look fab in real life and make someone smile.

Have fun, small space dwellers!

small space d.i.y. create a vintage mirror wall

Posted on: February 28th, 2011 by rebecca

If you are a small space dweller like me then I am sure you have a few mirrors in your home to open up your space. Mirrors are definitely a best small space accent – they truly can evolve a small room into a more comfortable and fluid space – love that! 
I wrapped up my vacation in Las Vegas over the weekend and visited the very new and very cool, hip and stylin hotel, The Cosmopolitan. When I walked into the hotel, I was instantly immersed in a design experience from the 4-story chandelier surrounding the bar (you have to see this in person – insane) to the mid-century modern designer 3rd floor lounges – also super savvy and cool for a Las Vegas hotel. While big in size, the details made this hotel feel intimate, boutique and relaxed chic – love that! 
One of the shops in the hotel housed tons of beauty products. I love shops like this not just for the beauty and packaging design but for the entire design element. Inside I spotted walls of vintage mirrors adorning the walls. I love this look and think it’s a unique way to integrate mirrors into your home in an interesting way. And if vintage isn’t your thing, pick up affordable mirrors for under $5 each at a local craft store and a a can of gold spray paint and make your own style.

:: images by loving. living. small. ::


my best tip for making your small bedroom work for you create your own wall

Posted on: December 21st, 2010 by rebecca

It’s the common small space dilemma in the bedroom – where to put the bed? Too often, the balance of windows, available walls and space seems overwhelming. There definitely are tips you can follow for making your bedroom layout work and my fave – creating your own wall. Yes! By using curtains in the right places, you can actually reinvent the look and feel of this room and find a space for your bed. The curtains add balance to the space and allows you to place your bed, say, partially in front of a window. In other words – fake it! I love this pretty bedroom via Lonny. I imagine that viewing this room bare, you wouldn’t imagine that the bed would work right here. By adding the symmetrical curtains (the height works too), the bed and headboard completely work and feels good. Check out another example about using curtains in one of my Apartment Therapy posts right here.

:: Image via Lonny :: 


using your walls headboard spotting at the Crosby Street Hotel

Posted on: December 15th, 2010 by rebecca

Oh la la – do I love these pretty rooms full of small space style at the very cool and stylin’ Crosby Street Hotel in New York City! Aside from the pretty pattern and color palettes, I am loving the headboards that adorn each of the rooms. The height is perfect and the square style is simple yet completely impactful. I think the best part about a headboard in a small space is that it provides a true *focal point* and balance. A small space may lack square footage but that doesn’t mean you can use bigger or large scale pieces. In my own bedroom, I am thrilled with my own headboard (my big small space DIY from this summer) It adds a design element AND it pulls the space together for a total cohesive vibe – yes! Also, click here to see a time-lapse of the hotel being built through the seasons in New York – very cool!
:: All photos via the Crosby Street Hotel site :: 


fab bike storage for small spaces

Posted on: November 29th, 2010 by rebecca

When I got my sweet orange beach cruiser last year, I wasn’t quite sure where to store it. Super fun to ride but kind of big and clunky for my small space. To be honest, I am still looking for a bike storage in the home idea (click here to see my bike just hanging out in the background in the main room

I’ve read a few ideas for bike storage but I’ve been looking for a more functional idea and think I may have found it. Loving this bike shelf by talented designer, Chris, of Knife & Saw. A super clever way to use your wall (go vertical, yes!) cool and stylin, I think this bike shelf could be a very cool addition to my small space. It’s a bit pricey but looks well-made so more to come on this one. What do you think of this bike storage idea? Have a good one to share?

:: Images via Knife & Saw :: 


silhouette style

Posted on: September 8th, 2010 by rebecca

If you read loving. living. small. you know that I am a lover of silhouettes - the style, look, contrast – all of it! And of course using your walls to display your art style is one of my fave small space tips. When I spotted Danny Seo’s very cool and easy silhouette d.i.y., I wanted to share with you, small space dwellers. Click here for the full online tutorial – I see a fun project this weekend!

:: Images via Danny Daily ::