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Posted on: August 22nd, 2012 by rebecca




I have fallen in love with neon words as home decor. Perhaps it’s the technical edge of the actual design paired with the context of the expression of the light – neon words and sayings are dynamic home decor accents. I came across this custom neon sign in a bedroom design by Laura Day and it pretty much had me at *hello*. I even was inspired to research companies that create custom neon sayings for our own small space. (This is the same company that I called – they rock!) But alas, the $1000 price tag for the 4-word saying I wanted to create forced me to place my custom neon sign idea right into my “dream file” for now. However I did start cataloging my neon word love in a pinboard right here.

A few months ago, my husband and I traveled to Europe on our honeymoon. First stop – Paris.  We enjoyed 4 days of sweetly wandering the streets, embracing the city, the sights, the food, the wine, the amour. One afternoon, my husband stopped to take some photos of the Sienne and that’s when I discovered it across the street – a large tree with something in it. I got closer and that “something” turned out to be neon light sayings. What? My dream file image come to life? I walked across the street to find the La Maison Rouge gallery (with the delicious Rose Bakery housed right inside). A neon exhibit was showing. Perfect! We popped in for an absolutely awesome experience. We enjoyed the various neon installations, colors, styles and vignettes. I just loved the whole exhibit.

I also love the last pic of my husband. I asked him to “be serious” under this particular sign – too cute! Also, in the 3rd pic, can you see both of our reflections in the Rose Bakery mirrroed window? My husband snapping away at the Sienne and me – turned towards the cafe – spotting the neon exhibit. (Another great pic for our honeymoon coffee table book we are making right now.)

Are you inspired by neon?

{All images by loving. living. small.}


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  1. So glad the neon trend is coming back in. My uncle is a neon artist so we’ve always had it on our lives. These are great ones!

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