louis vuitton / marc jacobs exhibit visit
Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris

Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by rebecca


If you’ve been reading loving. living. small. then you know my absolute fave designer is Louis Vuitton. There’s something special about the designs, style and elegance of LV item and I have been a fan and admirer for many years. I even have a special Pinterest board simply called “Louis Vuitton, I love you”.

When my husband and I recently went on our honeymoon adventure, I had the pleasure of spending four days in Paris. I also had a chance to check out the new Louis Vuitton/March Jacobs exhibit at Musee de Arts Decoratifs. (I also enjoyed staying just 2 blocks from LV headquarters and flagship store on the Champs de Elysee – just a coincidence).

The exhibit was awesome and full of fantastic original, vintage and taste-making objects. The first floor is dedicated entirely to Louis Vuitton and his story. He began his career making flat steamer trunks with the goal of perfecting this travel item. There were some priceless trunks on display – one of my dream items. The 2nd floor is all Marc Jacobs. The space, itself, is brighter and more colorful with TVs looping pop culture style, music blasting and dynamically lit rooms. Another fave wall – the handbag wall – that featured all of the interpretations that Jacobs has created since he took the helm in 1997.

If you love LV, fashion and style and happen to visit Paris in the next few months, I would definitely try to check out this exhibit at Musee de Arts Decoratifs.  It’s also right near the Louvre and the Tulleries.

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