Small Space DIY: Emerald Green Credenza Makeover

Posted on: March 25th, 2013 by rebecca

Have you had projects that you’ve been wanting and waiting and just, well, haven’t gotten to? Yep, that’s me. I have a list of creative things that I’d like to accomplish in my home that never get crossed off. So, finally I tackled one that I have been sitting on for almost 2 years – a makeover to our lovely credenza. I originally snagged this lovely credenza for an insane deal at the Rose Bowl Flea (see it here in one of my old Apartment Therapy posts). It’s also the same one that I totally ruined in 2011 when I moved cross country and put tape on the wood when wrapping it up with a blanket to get it ready for moving day. (Why I did that? Who knows) Needless to say, the lovely credenza is now more “striped wood and tape marks” credenza. (see pic 2 – ugh)

After two years of ugly tape marks and 2 of the cabinet doors missing (those broke during the move), I had enough. I decided to makeover my credenza with a temporary design solution. One day I will get the doors fixed and I will sand and restain the wood but, for now, a temp design ideas is more accessible and also a lot of fun.

I’ve been dreaming of marble lately and have seen a few cool ideas with it, like this amazing bathroom from Lonny and this sweet decor idea from Honestly WTF. A quick search online and I had found my (temporary) answer – marble wallpaper.



I found the coolest vinyl wallpaper at Home Depot and for only $50 – nice! I decided on green (I have a love of malachite) and ordered a roll. I also called a local glass company and gave them my measurements for a glass top to be cut. A week later – I had both pieces back at my house. Since I knew that one day, I’ll fix the piece properly, I didn’t want to do anything that would harm it further. I measured out the wallpaper for the top, cut it and decided to simply tape the corners down. I then added the glass top – easy! I also wanted a super quick fix for the cabinet doors. I bought a piece of $5 wood at Home Depot and asked them to cut it to my measurements (they are seriously so nice there). I wrapped and glued the cut wood with the wallpaper. Once dry, I could just slide it right in – creating a “door”. It stays up perfectly in it’s space and I can slide it to the left when I need to access the drawers inside.

Overall, I think this is a good temp solution for our beloved credenza. It’s a neat design, adds a pop of color and covers up my sad tape mistake. The reality is that DIY projects can be overwhelming (i.e. for me, fixing the credenza properly) and finding a creative, fun and affordable solution can help you cross the DIY finish line. Although let’s just see how long it takes for my husband and I to really fix this thing. I have a feeling we may be selling a “Wooden Credenza with A Green Marble Top” one day on Craigslist.

 (Images by Rebecca / loving. living. small.)



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  1. Such a creative solution! I agree, complicated DIY projects can be intimidating… there are a number of pieces around my house that I know I want to refinish someday, but I just haven’t been able to take the step to go from idea to finished product.

  2. Ann Notari says:

    You did a Great Job, I could use some Green! I am a New Artist Designer!Check me out on Twitter!

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