AOL’s Shelterpop covers loving. living. small.’s a small move make your own affordable built-in units

Posted on: September 14th, 2010 by rebecca
Thank you to Shelterpop for covering my a small move: affordable built-in units on their sweet site today. Click here for the article.  And click here to read more about my a small move.


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  1. says:

    Congratulations, Rebecca! How exciting. You're space is just gorgeous.

  2. Lisa J. says:

    this is absolutely gorgeous and really inspiring to me as i move from a 1700+ sq ft apt to a 600 sq ft apt. do you mind telling me what colors you used on the walls?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm curious about the billy bookshelves. I've read a lot of reviews about how they have low maximum load, the shelves are shallow, and they show wear easily. I know these are really inexpensive additions, but am hesitant about using them if they aren't really going to hold up. Also a little worried about attaching to the wall in my rental. Did you mount yours to the wall?

  4. loving. living. small. says:

    The bookcases are pretty decent for the price. They hold a nice amount of books (as seen in my photos – and I don't even have the backs on them) Without the backs, they do move right-left but because of how I placed mine, they sit straight up. As far as mounting, I would consider mounting if your shelves are on carpet. I have my credenza in front of them so felt comfortable with not mounting. It's more of a personal choice. I would look on Craigslist for some if you want to try them out. Good luck!

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