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Posted on: August 23rd, 2012 by rebecca






Ok, loving. living. small. friends, I am super excited to finally reveal my exciting news with you.

A few weeks ago, smart car USA (yes, those super cute and cool compact cars) invited me and four other bloggers to design a car wrap for their WRAP STARS: smart Expressions Challenge. Yes! I happily accepted the invitation to be part of this neat contest. I worked with a great design agency who took my concept to (virtual) reality in the form of the car wrap. I am thrilled with how the wrap turned out (above and final below in this post). I feel that it completely reflects my style and aesthetic. My design was inspired by this very photo I snapped a few weeks ago of flowers and my West Elm toothbrush holder-turned-vase.

So here’s the skinny….the WRAP STARS: smart Expressions Challenge lives right here in the smart facebook community. The contest starts today at 3pm EST and goes through September 13th. Anyone can vote daily for their fave wrap and 1 of our designs will win and then be sold at smart locations. Yes, people can actually wrap their smart car with the winning design. And, 1 lucky voter gets a FREE Macbook Pro wrapped in the winner’s design.

You can click here to go to the smart Expressions page in smart USA’s facebook community. Just “like” and then vote. You will be asked to provide your email that first time but you can vote every day for 3 weeks, if you are so inclined.

So why am I doing this? Nope, I don’t win a cute smart car. I did this because I really love these cars. I also felt this was a creative and interesting contest so I went for it.

One more note, I am the ONLY design blogger in the mix and would love your support, your vote,your tweets and all that good stuff. Go Design Bloggers  + Small Space Dwellers! #smartWrapStars



 {GIF animation made by me + image of car below designed by the lovely folks at Maloney + Fox}


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