About Loving Living Small

Greetings, Earthlings and beyond! Welcome to my surreal, pixel-powered world! I’m Priya Rajan, your eccentric guide through this technicolor landscape of digital art and Procreate wizardry.

I’ve been doodling since the time I could hold a crayon – my mom loves to recount the horror stories of my toddler masterpiece on the brand-new living room wallpaper. Fast forward a few decades and presto! I’ve swapped my crayons for a stylus, and the wallpaper for an iPad. My artistic realm has evolved, but the thrill of creating something out of nothing? That’s never changed.

Before falling head over heels for the world of digital art, I was pursuing a degree in Astrophysics. Yes, you read it right – Astrophysics. How did I make the switch, you ask? Let’s just say there was a misadventure involving a telescope, a rather pesky squirrel, and a concussion that gave me the divine epiphany – “Priya, your destiny isn’t in the stars, it’s on the screen!” And who was I to argue with a vision bestowed by a head injury?

Nowadays, I spend my time wrestling with pixels and Procreate layers, designing everything from galaxy-inspired wallpapers (shout out to my astrophysics roots!) to animations of cats playing synth keyboards. When I’m not creating art or drinking my 11th cup of coffee, I chase my beloved cats, Sirius and Orion, around the house. Sirius, the mischievous one, has a penchant for knocking over paint bottles, and Orion, the lazy one, has a knack for sleeping on my keyboard – usually when I’m trying to meet a deadline.

But enough about me! My blog, or as I like to call it, my “LovingLivingSmall”, is a space where I share all the tips and tricks I’ve picked up from my digital art journey. From Procreate tutorials for beginners to advanced techniques that’ll make your art pop, I’ve got you covered. I hope my experiences, both successes and those “I can’t believe I did that” moments, inspire you to unleash your creativity and paint (digitally) like nobody’s watching.

So, pick up your stylus, fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for a ride through the whacky, wonderful world of digital art. And remember, in this dojo, there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

Happy Procreating!

Love and light pixels,