Adobe Fresco Apple Pencil Lag: Tips and Workarounds to Improve Your Drawing Experience

As an artist or illustrator using the Adobe Fresco app with an Apple Pencil, you might encounter lag issues that hinder your creative experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with some helpful videos, offering tips and workarounds to tackle the Adobe Fresco Apple Pencil lag problem and help you get the most out of your drawing experience.

Five Essential Adobe Fresco Tips for a Smooth Drawing Experience

In this informative video by Will Paterson, he shares five essential tips to enhance your Adobe Fresco experience on an iPad Pro. These tips not only address the lag issue but also optimize your creative process. With his clear explanations and in-depth knowledge, Will helps you unlock the potential of Adobe Fresco for your design projects. His tips are beneficial for both beginners and experienced users, taking you through essential features and functionalities of the app that you might not be aware of.

Adobe Fresco Outperforms Photoshop with Lag-Free Drawing Optimized for Pen and Touch

In this video review by Tablet Pro, the author demonstrates how Adobe Fresco outperforms Photoshop in terms of speed and performance. The app is optimized for tablets, ensuring that pen and touch input work flawlessly. The video highlights the impressive live brushes feature, which sets Adobe Fresco apart from other drawing apps. The review also underlines the therapeutic aspect of using Adobe Fresco, making it a perfect choice for artists seeking a smooth and relaxing drawing experience.

Perfect Your Palm Rejection for Lag-Free Drawing

Teoh from Teoh on Tech shares some valuable insight on how to achieve perfect palm rejection, a common technique to avoid unintentional inputs and solve the Adobe Fresco Apple Pencil lag issue. In this comprehensive tutorial, Teoh covers crucial settings and adjustments suitable for different drawing styles and devices. This video helps you improve palm rejection performance on your iPad, ensuring a lag-free and enjoyable drawing experience.

Know the Pros and Cons of Adobe Fresco vs. Procreate

e r g o j o s h offers an unbiased review of Adobe Fresco, comparing it with the popular Procreate app in this video. The comprehensive review outlines both the pros and cons of using AdobeFresco, giving you a clear picture of what to expect in terms of performance. The review acknowledges that Adobe Fresco may have some lag issues, but also emphasizes its unique features and potential for future improvements. By the end, you’ll be better equipped to decide which app best suits your needs and preferences. Check out this in-depth comparison by e r g o j o s h to make an informed decision.

Exploring Adobe Fresco Through a Sci-fi Study on iPad

In this captivating video, Julia Zieger walks you through her process of creating a sci-fi study using Adobe Fresco on an iPad. This video serves as a practical demonstration of the app’s capabilities and potential issues, including the Adobe Fresco Apple Pencil lag. By observing Julia’s creative process, you can learn valuable tips and tricks to optimize your own experience and overcome any lag issues you might encounter.

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Handling Adobe Fresco Apple Pencil Lag

As you explore and learn from the mentioned videos, keep in mind some common mistakes users make when attempting to tackle the Adobe Fresco Apple Pencil lag issue:

  1. Not adjusting the settings and preferences to suit your device and drawing style.
  2. Overloading your canvas with too many high-resolution layers and complex brush strokes, which may contribute to the lag issue.
  3. Focusing only on the lag issue and neglecting other vital aspects and features of the app that can enhance your drawing experience.

To avoid these mistakes:

  1. Personalize your settings and preferences, considering your device specifications and requirements.
  2. Optimize your layers and brush strokes, keeping your projects organized and manageable.
  3. Be adaptable. Invest time in learning the app’s full range of features to get the most out of your Adobe Fresco experience.


Adobe Fresco has much to offer, and the Apple Pencil lag issue can be effectively addressed by employing tips and workarounds from experienced artists. By utilizing the discussed videos and avoiding the common mistakes, you can optimize your Adobe Fresco experience and enjoy a smooth, lag-free, and expressive digital drawing journey.