Can You Use Procreate If You Can’t Draw?

Introduction: Can You Use Procreate If You Can’t Draw?

Procreate, a powerful digital illustration app, has become increasingly popular among artists, designers, and hobbyists. However, a doubt lingers in the minds of aspiring creators – can you use Procreate if you can’t draw? In this article, learn how to take advantage of Procreate’s versatile features even if your drawing skills aren’t at their peak. Let’s compare the pros and cons of using Procreate when you can’t draw.

Pros of Using Procreate If You Can’t Draw

1. User-friendly Interface

Procreate’s user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to start creating. With a simple layout and intuitive tools, the app is a perfect choice for people who are just beginning to explore their artistic side.

2. Availability of Brushes and Presets

With a wide variety of essential and customizable brushes, Procreate makes it easy for users to familiarize themselves with different styles and techniques. Plus, you can download brushes from various online sources to expand your artistic arsenal.

3. Introduction to Digital Art Techniques

The nature of digital art makes it unique, and Procreate offers a smooth introduction to the world of digital illustration. Learn valuable new techniques like blending modes, layer masks, and color palettes without the pressure of mastering traditional drawing skills.

4. Image Tracing

Importing images and tracing them is a great way to practice when starting your drawing journey. This feature allows you to learn the nuances of lines, shapes, and perspectives without the frustration of producing imperfect drawings.

5. Experimentation with Colors and Effects

Get creative with an unlimited range of colors, textures, and effects that Procreate offers. Experiment with different combinations and find the ones that best suit your personal style.

6. Time-lapse Video Recording

Procreate automatically records your drawing process, allowing you to share your progress with others or simply review your techniques. Watching a time-lapse video of your work can help identify areas for improvement.

7. Expand Your Skill Set

Using Procreate can lead to developing your artistic skills in a variety of areas, including graphic design, animation, calligraphy, and more. Experimenting with different tools and techniques helps expand your expertise.

Cons of Using Procreate If You Can’t Draw

1. Limited Drawing Skills

Without fundamental drawing skills, certain tasks like creating original characters or scenes can be challenging. However, constant practice and learning eventually help improve these abilities.

2. Over-dependence on Tools

It’s crucial to strike a balance between utilizing Procreate’s features and developing your drawing abilities. Over-dependence on the tools can limit your growth and prevent you from reaching your full potential as an artist.

3. Difficulty in Transitioning to Traditional Art

If you solely focus on digital art, you may face challenges when shifting to traditional mediums like pencil sketches or painting. Diversifying your artistic skills helps in overcoming these obstacles.

4. May Require Additional Hardware (iPad and Stylus)

Procreate requires the use of an iPad and astylus like the Apple Pencil, which may not be feasible for everyone. Investing in the necessary hardware can be a substantial expense for those just starting their artistic journey.

5. Misunderstanding of Procreate’s Purpose

Procreate is a fantastic tool for learning, but it’s important not to mistake it as a substitute for genuine art practice and skill development. Using the app is a means of honing your artistic abilities, not a replacement for traditional techniques.


So, can you use Procreate if you can’t draw? The answer is a resounding yes! Procreate opens up the world of digital art for beginners and experts alike, offering user-friendly features that foster skills development.

While there are cons to using the app when your drawing skills aren’t fully developed, focusing on the positives helps you appreciate the journey of artistic growth. Embrace the versatility of Procreate and watch as your ability to create stunning illustrations improves over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Procreate help me improve my drawing skills?

Yes, using Procreate, along with regular practice and dedication, can help you improve your drawing skills by exploring different tools, brushes, and techniques.

2. Is Procreate suitable for beginner artists?

Absolutely! Procreate is designed to be user-friendly and approachable, making it a great choice for beginner artists looking to explore digital art.

3. Can I use Procreate on other devices besides an iPad?

Procreate is specifically designed for iPads, while Procreate Pocket, a scaled-down version, is available for iPhones. Unfortunately, Procreate is not available on Android devices or other platforms.

4. Are there alternatives to Procreate if I don’t have an iPad?

Yes, there are several alternatives for digital art on other devices. Examples include Adobe Fresco (available on iPad, iPhone, and Windows), Autodesk Sketchbook (supports Android, iOS, and Windows), and Krita (available on macOS, Linux, and Windows).

5. Can I make a career out of digital art even if I’m not an expert at drawing?

Yes, many careers focus on concepts, techniques, and software knowledge, such as graphic design, logo creation, or web design. With dedication and practice, it’s possible to turn your passion for digital art into a creative career.