Does Procreate Use a Lot of Battery? – Analyzing Power Consumption in Digital Art

Does Procreate Use a Lot of Battery? – Analyzing Power Consumption in Digital Art — Explore the pros and cons of Procreate’s battery usage and learn how to create stunning digital art without draining your device’s power.


Digital art is becoming increasingly popular, and the need for powerful tools and efficient energy consumption is more important than ever. Procreate is a widely used application for digital art, but the question arises: Does Procreate use a lot of battery? In this article, we will delve into the pros and cons of Procreate’s battery usage and provide tips for optimizing your device’s energy consumption while creating extraordinary digital art.

Pros of Procreate’s Battery Usage

Efficient Energy Management

Procreate is known for its efficient energy management, thanks to its well-optimized software. Its developers have designed the application to ensure smooth performance while using minimal device resources, allowing users to draw for extended periods without draining the battery excessively.


One of the significant benefits of Procreate is its auto-saving feature. Every time you make changes to your art, the application automatically saves your progress. This lessens the need to repeatedly save your work manually, ultimately conserving battery life.

Adjustable Performance Settings

Procreate has adjustable performance settings, allowing users to tailor the app’s performance according to their device’s capabilities and battery life requirements. By reducing brush complexity or lowering the resolution of your canvas, you can conserve battery life without sacrificing too much on the quality of your artwork.

Cons of Procreate’s Battery Usage

High-Quality Graphics Impact Battery Life

Procreate’s ability to produce impressive, high-quality digital art can put a strain on your device’s battery. When working with multiple layers, high-resolution canvases, and complex brushes, battery life may be significantly impacted.

External Accessories Consumption

Using accessories like the Apple Pencil can also result in additional battery drainage due to their power requirements. Keep this in mind when planning long art sessions on your iPad.

Background Apps Affect Battery Life

Using Procreate in conjunction with other resource-intensive applications may cause your device to experience decreased battery life. It’s crucial to keep an eye on background apps that might be using battery power even when not actively in use.

Tips for Optimizing Battery Life While Using Procreate

1. Close Unnecessary Apps

Before starting an art session with Procreate, close any unnecessary apps running in the background to conserve energy. Background apps consume battery life even when not in use, so shutting them down can extend your usage time.

2. Lower Screen Brightness

Reducing screen brightness is another practical way to save battery life while using Procreate. Dimming the screen will consume less power and allow you to work for longer on yourdigital art projects without excessive power drainage.

3. Enable Low Power Mode

Most devices, including iPads, have a Low Power Mode or Battery Saver option. Activating this feature will limit certain device functionalities and background processes, conserving battery life and allowing for extended Procreate usage.

4. Adjust Procreate Performance Settings

As mentioned earlier, Procreate offers adjustable performance settings. While working on simpler projects or making small adjustments, consider reducing canvas resolution or brush complexity to save battery life. Remember to increase the settings when working on intricate details or high-resolution pieces.

5. Keep Your Device Cool

Electronic devices consume more power and battery resources when they’re hot. Make sure your device is appropriately ventilated and avoid using heavy-duty applications or accessories that generate heat during use.

6. Charge Accessories Separately

If you use an Apple Pencil or other device-compatible stylus, charge it separately, rather than charging it through your device. This will prevent additional strain on your device’s battery and ensure that your tablet has sufficient power for extended Procreate sessions.


In conclusion, Procreate is a powerful and efficient digital art application known for its effective energy management. However, like any resource-intensive application, it can consume considerable battery life when used for complex projects and coupled with external accessories. By utilizing the tips mentioned above, you can extend your device’s battery life, ensuring a smoother and longer-lasting experience while creating your digital masterpieces.


1. Does Procreate work on both iPads and iPhones?

Procreate is primarily designed for iPads, but there is a smaller version called Procreate Pocket available for iPhones.

2. How can I check my device’s battery health?

iOS devices have a built-in “Battery Health” feature that displays your battery’s overall health, found in the “Battery” section of your device’s settings.

3. Is Procreate resource intensive compared to other digital art applications?

Procreate is rather efficient in its resource usage; however, working with high-quality graphics and multiple layers will demand more processing power and battery life, like any advanced digital art application.

4. Can I charge my iPad while using Procreate?

Yes, you can charge your iPad while using Procreate. However, be aware that charging and using the device simultaneously can generate heat, which may impact performance if the device gets too hot.

5. What other factors can influence my device’s battery life while using Procreate?

Factors like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth usage, screen-on time, background apps, and overall device health can all impact battery life when using Procreate. It’s essential to manage these factors to optimize battery life during your digital art sessions.