How to Trace an Image on Procreate: A Comprehensive Guide

Learning how to trace an image on Procreate can be immensely helpful for both beginners looking to improve their skills and experienced artists seeking to save time on complex projects. In this article, we have curated a list of top video tutorials that provide step-by-step guidance and expert tips on tracing images effectively on Procreate. Let’s dive in!

1. Procreate Basics: How to Trace an Image and Essential Tips for Beginners

This video tutorial by Color with Kendi is perfect for those who are new to Procreate and want to learn the basics of tracing an image. Kendi provides a simple and easy-to-understand walkthrough, demonstrating how to trace an image in the app while sharing important pointers along the way. In just under seven minutes, viewers will gain a solid understanding of the tracing process and some handy tips for beginner artists.

Throughout the video, Kendi maintains a friendly and informative tone that keeps viewers engaged. Key takeaways from the tutorial include selecting appropriate brush settings, adjusting opacity levels, and controlling layer visibility. Kendi’s step-by-step approach ensures that even the most novice users can follow along and begin tracing images in Procreate immediately.

Watch the full video tutorial from Color with Kendi and learn to trace like a pro!

2. A Simple Step-by-Step Guide on Tracing Images in Procreate

Artsydee’s video tutorial on tracing images in Procreate is another fantastic resource for users seeking a simple, step-by-step guide. With a runtime of just under five minutes, this video quickly and efficiently covers the fundamental steps required to trace an image in Procreate.

The tutorial begins by explaining the process of selecting and importing the desired image into the app. Next, Artsydee covers important steps like adjusting opacity, creating new layers, and selecting the appropriate brush settings. By the end of the video, users will have a clear understanding of how to trace images on Procreate using a fast and effective method.

Watch Artsydee’s comprehensive tutorial and improve your tracing skills by visiting the Artsydee channel!

3. Level-Up Your Digital Art with Procreate Tips and Tricks for Tracing Photos

In this video, Rockett Design demonstrates how to trace a photo in Procreate on an iPad Pro. The author shares valuable tips and tricks that can help users level up their digital art skills. The tutorial is concise and informative, running for just over four minutes and providing a wealth of knowledge during that time.

Rockett Design’s video emphasizes the importance of selecting suitable brushes and adjusting settings further to achieve desired results. Throughout the tutorial, users will learn about essential tools, layer organization, and other practical tips that can make the tracing process more efficient and enjoyable.

For additional insightful Procreate tutorials and tips on tracing, visit the Rockett Design channel.

4. Master Tracing Cartoon Characters on Procreate

Christine Nguyen’s tutorial ontracing cartoon characters in Procreate is an excellent resource for those looking to replicate their favorite animated figures. This in-depth video tutorial spans more than 15 minutes, providing a thorough guide on accurately tracing a cartoon character from start to finish.

Throughout the tutorial, Christine Nguyen shares her unique approach to breaking down complex shapes and forms in the cartoon character, ensuring that even beginners can follow along with ease. Viewers will learn important techniques such as working with layers, utilizing the alpha lock feature, and refining traced lines for optimal results. By the end of the video, users will be equipped with the skills necessary to recreate and trace their favorite cartoon characters confidently.

Learn how to trace a cartoon character on Procreate by watching Christine Nguyen’s full tutorial on her YouTube channel.

5. Trace Like an Artist: A Procreate Tutorial for Beginners

Shikarte’s video tutorial, “Trace Like an Artist,” demystifies the art of tracing and provides practical guidance for beginners looking to improve their skills. Running for just over 10 minutes, this Procreate tutorial covers essential steps for tracing images and delves into the ethical considerations of using tracing as a learning tool and as an artist.

Throughout the video, Shikarte emphasizes the importance of using tracing sparingly and as a means of practice rather than for claiming original artwork. The tutorial covers topics such as adjusting opacity, fine-tuning brush settings, and organizing layers for efficient workflow. By the end of the tutorial, users will have a clear understanding of how to trace images responsibly and effectively on Procreate.

To watch more Procreate tutorials focused on developing artistic capabilities, visit the Shikarte channel.


The art of tracing images on Procreate can be a valuable tool for artists of all levels, whether you’re learning the ropes as a beginner or saving time on complex projects. By following these expert video tutorials, users can acquire key tracing skills that enhance their overall digital art abilities. So, grab your iPad, fire up Procreate, and start tracing images like a pro!

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