iPad Drawing Gadgets: Unlock Your Artistic Potential

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on iPad drawing gadgets, where we will explore various accessories and tools that can help you unlock your full artistic potential. We have selected some of the best YouTube videos that showcase the top gadgets for iPad artists. These videos provide in-depth reviews, use-cases, and demonstrations, to help you make informed decisions when choosing the perfect drawing gadgets for your needs.

1. The Best iPad Accessories for Artists by e r g o j o s h

In this video, e r g o j o s h shares his favorite iPad accessories for artists. The video covers products like the Displate, a unique metal print that can be easily mounted on your wall, and the Paperlike screen protector, which gives your iPad screen a paper-like feel for a more natural drawing experience. The video also discusses other useful products like ergonomically designed stands, screen cleaning solutions, and additional brushes for Procreate users.

Josh shares real-life use-cases where these gadgets have a significant impact, making the drawing process more enjoyable and efficient. The products he shares are a fantastic addition to any artist’s toolkit and are ideal for professionals and beginners alike.

Video credit: e r g o j o s h

2. The Most Useful iPad Accessories for Procreate Artists by Jason Murray

In this informative video, Jason Murray dives into a selection of iPad accessories specifically tailored for artists using the popular Procreate app. Among the gadgets reviewed, you’ll find drawing gloves, specialized keyboards for Procreate, screen cleaners, pencil grips, stylus pens, and even Articka Note Sketchbooks.

Jason does an excellent job demonstrating the strengths and benefits of each accessory and how they can improve your overall drawing experience in Procreate. Additionally, he provides valuable tips on maintaining the gadgets and getting the most out of them. This video is the perfect resource for Procreate users who are looking to elevate their drawing experience.

Video credit: Jason Murray

3. iPad Accessories for Artists by Marika Boniuk

In this video, Marika Boniuk showcases her favorite iPad accessories for drawing, including cases, grips, gloves, cleaning cloths, and more. She gives a comprehensive overview of each item and explains why they are essential for digital artists. Many items she showcases are great not just for improving the drawing experience but also for protecting your iPad and Apple Pencil.

For artists looking to invest in quality accessories, Marika’s suggestions are well worth considering. These products can significantly enhance your drawing experience and even impact the longevity of your iPad and Apple Pencil.

Video credit: Marika Boniuk

4. 5 iPad Artist Accessories Under $50 by liminatii

In this budget-friendly video, liminatii brings you a selection of five iPad artist accessories under $50. Some of the items showcased include a portable laptop stand, a Bluetooth keyboard, drawing gloves, screen protectors, and pencil tips. These cost-effective gadgets not only improve your drawing experience but also provide great value for money.

Liminatii thoroughly reviews each accessory, demonstrating their uses and benefits in an engaging manner. If you’re an artist on a budget looking to optimize your iPad for drawing, this is a must-watch video!

Video credit: liminatii

5. Top iPad 2020 Accessories for Artists by Carritube

Carritube’s video focuses on the top iPad 2020 accessories for artists, including a variety of cases, drawing stands, protective gear, and more. The products showcased in this video are specifically designed to enhance and protect your iPad, making them essential for any dedicated digital artist.

Some of the items discussed in the video include the Apple Pencil Skin, a stylish and protective skin for your Apple Pencil, and the Paperlike Screen Protector, which provides an authentic paper-like feel to your iPad screen. Carritube also covers various iPad cases, stands, and sleeves, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing accessories for your iPad.

Video credit: Carritube

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When investing in iPad drawing gadgets, it’s easy to make mistakes and end up with products that may not meet your expectations or needs. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Not doing thorough research: Ensure you read reviews and testimonials from other artists before investing in iPad accessories. This will help you make informed choices and avoid wasting money on items that may not meet your requirements.
  • Ignoring compatibility: Keep in mind that not all accessories are compatible with every iPad model. Always double-check compatibility before purchasing to avoid disappointment.
  • Opting for low-quality products: While it may be tempting to save money by choosing cheaper alternatives, remember that quality matters. Invest in well-designed and durable accessories that will serve you well in the long run.
  • Overlooking ergonomics: As an artist, you’ll likely spend long hours drawing on your iPad. Choose accessories with ergonomic features to promote a healthy posture and prevent strain or discomfort.


In summary, several iPad drawing gadgets can greatly enhance your overall artistic experience. With the help of these informative and educational videos, we hope you can make informed decisions when choosing the best accessories to fit your workflow, preferences, and budget. Remember always to consider factors such as compatibility, ergonomics, and quality while making your decision. Happy drawing!