Symmetry Adobe Fresco: Mastering the Art of Symmetrical Design

Symmetry is an essential aspect of design and illustration, as it brings visual balance and harmony to an artwork. Adobe Fresco, a powerful digital drawing and painting app, offers a range of tools and features that help artists create symmetrical designs with ease. In this article, we will explore five informative videos that demonstrate various techniques and tips for mastering symmetry in Adobe Fresco. Let’s dive in!

1. Top 5 Adobe Fresco Tips to Boost Your Creativity

In this video by Will Paterson, you will discover five essential tips for making the most out of Adobe Fresco on the iPad Pro. Will shares valuable insights on using vector brushes, layer blend modes, masking, custom shape creation, and using Adobe Capture to import custom materials into Fresco. With these powerful techniques, you can elevate your designs and optimize your creative workflow.

Watch the video to learn how these features can enhance your artwork and make life easier for you as an artist or designer. Remember to follow Will Paterson on his YouTube channel here for more inspiring design content.

2. 10 Must-Know Adobe Fresco Tips for 2020

Print Me Some Color presents ten indispensable Adobe Fresco tips that every artist should know in 2020. In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn about customizing your workspace, accessing free brushes, efficient color picking, working with oil and watercolor brushes, and much more. The video also highlights how to incorporate Adobe Capture into your workflow, enabling you to create custom textures and vector shapes for use in Fresco.

Master these techniques to unlock Fresco’s full potential and create stunning digital artwork. Show your support for Print Me Some Color by subscribing to their YouTube channel here.

3. Live Symmetry Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

Symmetry is not exclusive to Fresco; Adobe Illustrator also offers powerful symmetry options. In this video tutorial by TipTut, you will learn how to use live symmetry in Adobe Illustrator, helping you create precise and balanced designs in real-time. By incorporating this technique into your workflow, you can ensure consistent, professional-quality results in your illustrations.

Apply these skills to create perfectly symmetrical designs in Illustrator, and use the same principles for symmetry in Fresco. Subscribe to TipTut’s YouTube channel here for more helpful Adobe tutorials.

4. Vector Tools for Art Creation in Adobe Fresco

Vector-based artwork can greatly benefit from symmetrical design techniques. In this video by Adobe Creative Cloud, artist Christian Olivier demonstrates his process for creating stunning vector illustrations in Adobe Fresco. From rough sketch to final artwork, you will learn how to make the most of Fresco’s vector tools to create eye-catching designs.

Explore Christian’s methods for using vector brushes, layer adjustments, and creative techniques to bring your illustrations to life. Be sure to follow Christian Olivier’s work on his Instagram and subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube channel here for more inspirational tutorials and artist interviews.

5. Adobe Fresco’s Game-Changing Perspective Tool

Adobe Fresco’s long-awaited perspective tool is finally here, and in this video by Josh Papaleo, you will learn how to use this powerful feature to create accurate and dynamic perspective drawings. This tutorial will show you how to set up perspective grids, utilize snapping features for precise drawing, and explore the advantages of using Fresco’s perspective tool over Procreate’s similar offerings.

Mastering the perspective tool in Fresco can truly elevate your artwork and help you create impressive and accurate designs. Don’t forget to follow Josh Papaleo on his Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel here for more insightful content.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When approaching symmetry in Adobe Fresco and other design apps, there are a few common pitfalls artists may encounter. Here are some tips to avoid these mistakes:

  • Don’t rely solely on the symmetry tools without checking your work. Always take a step back and evaluate your art’s overall balance and harmony.
  • Keep your layers organized. Working with symmetry often involves many overlapping elements, so proper layer management is crucial for seamless workflow and editing.
  • Remember to explore and experiment. While symmetry tools are powerful, do not hesitate to add your personal touch and artistic flair to make your designs stand out.


Symmetrical design is a vital aspect of creating visually appealing artwork, and Adobe Fresco offers various tools and features to help you achieve perfect symmetry in your illustrations. By following the expert advice in these video tutorials and mastering the techniques demonstrated, you can create captivating symmetrical designs with ease and confidence. Happy drawing!