What Procreate Brush for Eyelashes: Master the Art with These Video Tutorials

Ever wondered what Procreate brush to use for eyelashes or how to create your own custom brushes for that perfect lash effect? You’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll be sharing some informative and insightful video tutorials that will help you understand and master the art of drawing eyelashes in Procreate. Let’s get started!

Drawing Eyelashes with Procreate: A Tutorial for Beginners

In this beginner-friendly tutorial by Shikarte, you’ll learn how to draw eyelashes using the Procreate app. The video guides you through each step in a simple and easy-to-follow manner, ensuring anyone, regardless of their skill level, can follow along. Shikarte shares her favorite brushes for creating eyelashes and discusses the mechanics of eyelashes’ growth direction, ensuring your digital art looks natural and realistic. Furthermore, she demonstrates the difference between upper and lower lashes in terms of length, thickness, and density. This video is an excellent starting point for those new to Procreate or struggling with drawing eyelashes.

Author: Shikarte

Creating Custom Eyelash and Eyebrow Brushes in Procreate

Finding the perfect brush for eyelashes can be challenging. In this video tutorial by Shikarte, you’ll learn two methods to create your own custom brushes for eyelashes and eyebrows in Procreate. The first technique involves drawing your lash design and transforming it into a custom brush, while the second method simplifies the process and utilizes existing brushes. Shikarte’s explanations are detailed yet accessible, making this video valuable for anyone wishing to expand their brush arsenal in Procreate.

Author: Shikarte

In-Depth Eyelash Tutorial: Procreate and Autodesk Sketchbook

Diving even deeper into the art of drawing eyelashes, Shikarte’s in-depth tutorial explores the process in both the Procreate and Autodesk Sketchbook apps. This video delivers an extensive breakdown of the basics in drawing eyelashes while focusing on the front view. Shikarte discusses the importance of understanding eyelash anatomy and demonstrates the techniques necessary to create realistic and natural-looking lashes. She also shares recommended brushes for both apps, making it easier for users to create stunning digital art.

Author: Shikarte

Various Types of Eyelashes: Easy Procreate Tutorial

In thistutorial by Shikarte, you’ll discover how to draw different types of eyelashes (front view) using Procreate. Shikarte shows how to create a variety of lash styles, ranging from straight to curvy and even spiky. This tutorial will help you add diversity and uniqueness to your characters’ eyes. The video also includes a free eyelash stamp brush set, which is useful for those looking to expedite their digital art process. Don’t miss this handy guide to make your digital art stand out with a variety of eyelashes!

Author: Shikarte

Creating an Eyebrows Stamp Brush in Procreate: Quick Tutorial

Similar to custom eyelash brushes, having the right eyebrow brushes in your Procreate toolbox can make a huge difference. In this video tutorial by Shikarte, you’ll learn how to create an eyebrow stamp brush in Procreate quickly and efficiently. This technique can save time and ensure consistency across your digital artwork. Shikarte’s tutorial is concise and clear, making it easy for anyone to follow along and enhance their Procreate skills.

Author: Shikarte

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to drawing eyelashes in Procreate, there are a few common mistakes to be aware of, and you can easily avoid them:

  1. Using the wrong brush: Experiment with various brushes to find the one that works best for the effect you’re seeking. Don’t hesitate to create your custom brushes for added control.
  2. Ignoring anatomy and growth direction: Keep in mind that eyelashes vary in length, thickness, and density. They also have a specific growth pattern. Consider these factors to create lifelike lashes.
  3. Overdoing it: Sometimes, less is more. Avoid drawing every single eyelash or making them too long and thick, which can cause your digital art to look unnatural.
  4. Not varying eyelash types: Distinguishing between upper and lower lashes and creating various styles of lashes helps add character and uniqueness to your digital art.


Drawing eyelashes in Procreate doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right guidance, brushes, and practice, you can quickly master the art of creating beautiful and diverse lashes. By watching the tutorials we’ve shared in this article and following the advice from seasoned artist Shikarte, you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your digital art skills and creating stunning eye-catching images in Procreate. Happy drawing!