Why Is Procreate Lagging: Solutions to Improve Your Experience

As powerful and innovative as Procreate may be, it’s not uncommon for users to encounter some lagging issues while working on their projects. Understanding the reasons behind the lag and the possible solutions can significantly improve your drawing experience. In this article, we’ll delve into some helpful tips and resources, including YouTube video tutorials, to get you back on track and ensure a smooth experience with Procreate.

1. Brush Problems and Easy Fixes

In this video tutorial by Color with Kendi, Ria (a.k.a. Kendi) explores common Procreate brush problems and provides seven easy fixes for a better drawing experience. The video addresses pressure curve settings issues, skipping within strokes, tilt setting problems, canvas size limitations, resetting brushes, unintended transparency, and “sticky” brushes. Ria also shares her experience as a Procreate artist and guides you through the troubleshooting process with clear and concise explanations.

Don’t let brush problems hold you back – watch this comprehensive tutorial by Color with Kendi to overcome these obstacles and enhance your Procreate experience.

2. Reasons Why Procreate May Seem Overrated

While Procreate enjoys widespread popularity, some artists feel it’s overrated compared to PC apps, as Idaero Small Artist explains in this YouTube video. Idaero highlights five aspects of Procreate that he feels are inferior to some PC drawing apps. The discussion provides an interesting perspective on the limitations and frustrations users might experience when switching between different platforms. If you’re experiencing performance issues or are disappointed with Procreate, this video may provide some valuable insights.

Check out this thought-provoking video by Idaero Small Artist to learn more about these limitations and possible workarounds.

3. Reducing Brush Lag in Any Digital Art Software

Brush lag can be a major issue in any digital art software, including Procreate. In this informative tutorial by Aaron Rutten, 12 ways to reduce or even eliminate brush lag in any digital art app are demonstrated. Aaron offers valuable tips to maximize efficiency, from adjusting brush settings to managing system resources. His explanations are easy to follow, making this a must-watch for anyone struggling with brush lag in Procreate or any other digital art software.

Take the time to watch this helpful video by Aaron Rutten and learn how to minimize brush lag, creating a seamless drawing experience.

4. How to Fix Slow Performance Issues on Your iPad

In some cases, the lagging issue might not be limited to Procreate but specific to your iPad. Jacob Siggaard’s video tutorial offers practical advice on how to troubleshoot and resolve slow performance issues on your iPhone or iPad. He highlights the importance of maintaining at least 2GB of free space for smooth operation and provides additional tips, such as restarting the device, updating the iOS, clearing Safari’s cache, and managing notifications. If you suspect that the issue lies with your iPad, this video is an excellent resource.

Watch Jacob Siggaard’s video tutorial and enhance your iPad’s performance, ensuring a smoother Procreate experience.

5. iPad Pro 2021 Artist Lag Test

Are you curious about how the 2021 iPad Pro M1 performs in terms of lag and responsiveness for artists? Kuzomari’s video provides a comprehensive lag test, showcasing the performance of the iPad Pro for artistic pursuits. In the video, Kuzomari demonstrates Procreate on the 2021 iPad Pro, giving an idea of what to expect when using the device in terms of potential lag and overall smoothness. If you’re considering upgrading your device or looking for better performance, this video can help inform your decision.

Watch Kuzomari’s iPad Pro 2021 Artist Lag Test to learn more about the device’s performance capabilities.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When addressing Procreate lagging issues, it’s essential to avoid certain mistakes:

  • Ignoring system requirements: Ensure your iPad meets Procreate’s system requirements to avoid performance issues.
  • Using outdated software: Keep your apps and iPad system software updated for better performance and compatibility.
  • Overloading with large files: Working on massive projects may cause lagging. Always consider project size and resolution.
  • Overlooking device storage: Keeping your iPad’s storage free, especially at least 2GB, can significantly improve its performance.
  • Not managing app settings: Be aware of settings like Background App Refresh, notifications, and location services that may affect your device’s performance.


Experiencing lag while using Procreate can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to hold you back. By understanding the causes behind the lag and implementing the suggested tips and learning from the videos featured in this article, you can optimize your drawing experience in Procreate. Remember to manage your device storage, keep your software updated, and adjust app settings to minimize lag and enjoy a smoother, more seamless artistic process.