Why is Procreate So Hard to Use: Overcoming Common Mistakes and Challenges

Procreate is a popular and powerful digital illustration app for iPad that brings countless features to artists and designers. Despite its many capabilities, some users find it challenging to navigate and understand all of its functions. In this article, we will help you overcome the question of “why is Procreate so hard to use?” by providing helpful video tutorials that address common mistakes and techniques to make your drawing experience smoother.

1. Top 5 Mistakes in Procreate and How to Fix Them

Art with Flo shares the top 5 common mistakes when using Procreate and offers tips on how to fix or solve them. The video tutorial covers issues like color fill, pixelation, clipping masks, and color discrepancies. By understanding these common problems and grasping the tools provided in the video, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle your next illustration project without any major hiccups. The creator, Art with Flo, has more than 100 Procreate tutorials on their YouTube channel, so exploring their content further can prove to be a valuable resource for enhancing your Procreate skills.

2. What You Should Know Before Buying Procreate for iPad

In this video by Rockett Design, you’ll learn 5 crucial pieces of information before committing to Procreate. Discussing the app’s industry status and unique offerings, alongside its limitations, this video provides insights to help make your decision whether or not to purchase Procreate a more informed one. Topics include its compatibility, available resources, alternative apps, and more. Gain a deeper understanding of Procreate’s potential by visiting Rockett Design’s YouTube channel and accessing their other helpful tutorials and demonstrations.

3. Understanding Line Quality in Procreate: It’s Not What You Think

Ghost Paper explores the common issue of line quality in Procreate, helping users achieve more refined and smooth lines in their illustrations. This enlightening video uncovers the main reasons behind bad line quality and provides practical tips and recommendations to improve your strokes’ appearance. With the help of the video, you will be able to analyze and refine your technique to produce more polished results. For more Procreate tips and tricks, make sure to visit Ghost Paper’s YouTube channel.

4. Adjusting Apple Pencil Pressure Settings in Procreate

In this comprehensive tutorial, iPad Lettering with Karin Newport explains how to modify the Apple Pencil pressure settings in Procreate for a more personalized drawing experience. Each artist has a unique style and pressure preference, so understanding how to customize your pressure curve is an essential skill for successful digital illustrations. To further enhance your iPad lettering and illustration skills, check out Karin Newport’sYouTube channel and explore her custom Procreate brushes and hand lettering practice sheets.

5. Mastering the Pressure Curve in Procreate

Ghost Paper returns with another informative video, focusing on understanding and adjusting the pressure curve in Procreate. The tutorial provides an in-depth explanation of the curve, its different sections, and how tweaking it can help you achieve your desired drawing style. By mastering the pressure curve, you can adapt your handwriting or brush strokes to the app, giving your artworks a more natural feel. Check out Ghost Paper’s YouTube channel for more helpful Procreate tips and tutorials.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When using Procreate, it is essential to avoid common mistakes that can disrupt your workflow and make the app seem more complicated than it is. Some of the most frequent errors include incorrectly setting up canvas size, misunderstanding layer functions, and failing to adapt the pressure curve. By watching the informative videos listed above and practicing, you can overcome these mistakes and make Procreate a more user-friendly tool for your creative projects.


Procreate may seem intimidating at first, but with proper guidance and practice, it can become an essential tool in your digital art toolbox. By watching the five tutorials in this article, you will have a better understanding of common mistakes, essential techniques, and how to customize the app to fit your unique drawing style. Remember, the key to mastering Procreate is patience and persistence – keep practicing, and soon, you’ll be creating incredible digital art without any difficulty.